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Germans need to do more than just demonstrate. Their politicians don't care what they want, and don't listen to them.

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Tomorrow more protests are scheduled as a result of these spontaneous actions and others groups signing up and joining in. The authorities are shaking in their boots, the left wing sites are calling them nazi's. 'Wir Sind Das Folk' was shouted by the German people following the collapse of the communist DDR.

Learn from the South Korean impeachment. The protests started with less then 20 people, in less then a week it evolved into 1,5 million SK'ers hitting the street and demanding their female corrupt president be removed.

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I pray you are right about the German Volk finally standing up, and demanding that their Government step down for treason against Germans.

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Whats beautiful is white knights picking up the tab.

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If every single person in Germany voted to get rid of the New Age lunatics and voted for a patriot to toss the scum out, the election results would show Merkel won by a small margin.

They aren't going to risk pissing off the interdimensional beings that talk into Claude Juncker's head.

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We cant trust elections

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Why not? Last I checked, the results were accurate.

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Germans are slowly starting to wake up, a massive white people chimpout on the largest of scales. Fellow (((whites)) we need to deploy more commissars there.

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You want send more our Chinese commissar there?

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I think he means this https://youtu.be/8-bgiiTxhzM

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Germans are slowly starting to wake up

How slowly are we talking about here because if it's so slowly that it doesn't matter then I'll agree with you.

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Once other Germans start seeing these videos, everyone with an axe to grind against sandniggers will be joining the fun while the panty-wearing faggots will cower on twitter.

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we need to set a date for the purge, if millions of people went out and murdered every single brown they came across, all on the same day, there would be nothing they could do to stop us. Muslims have these sorts of days included right in their religion, and obviously with whats happening in germany spontaneous flash mobs work just as well.

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it's about time.

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and it needs to be worldwide too so the (((you know whos))) can't respond adequately with their UN nigger plague soldiers.

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Ramadan Bombathon!

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I don't think it will happen in the colonial nations, but I think that once one Western European nation chimps out, the rest of them will soon follow, with one or two exceptions (My bets are on Sweden and Portugal).

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when will we see muzzies getting stabbed? Why not one for one. Or 5 for 1. That way, either the violence against Germans stop, or the muzzies will run out of people after a while.

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Three Germans were stabbed trying to defend this woman, two of them died. The one who died first was stabbed 25 times. The perpetrators won't even be deported.

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No, it's their 'culture', so he enjoys soothing conditions.

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Anyone have a 10-hour loop?

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