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I made this

Vox: Truth is Irrelevant

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Hey this is great but the phrase truth is irrelevant should be in parentheses to indicate to the normies that it's a direct quote from them.

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You mean quotations?

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It's about the minerals in the soil from what a map posted on voat shows

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And yet they clutch their pearls so hard they turn into diamonds when you call them fake news.

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Something tells me you're not a geologist.

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Made me laugh

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C'mon, now, don't be that guy.

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Notice how no one has bothered to show up in South Africa with cameras to interview people. They really are not concerned of this is happening or not. They just dismiss it.

This summarizes what they think of white people. The only person with the balls to say he'll look into it is President Trump.

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This summarizes what they think of white people.

There's definitely some of that, but keep in mind that these people literally handed their country over to the niggers in 1992. There is a certain "WTF were they expecting?" when observing the situation. It's kind of like those liveleak videos where someone has car trouble on the freeway, then they get out right there and stand around the car... You already know why it's a liveleak video. WTF were they expecting? Dumbasses.

Example: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=s6ckS_1535300611

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I doubt they were expecting the end result to be genocide, but now there is a generation of people who see what happens when you let a nigger run the country. Hindsight is always 20/20. The only thing to do now is to get them out or if they have the numbers then stay and fight. Russia has already started helping by accepting white refugees.

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No hazards, no cone. Yup asking for it.

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maybe they should go there at night with just a camara crew and no security and see how safe it is? don't even go to the slums go to the farms and do some interviews.

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Looks like someone didn't like my comment so they hit the down arrow. Probably one of them.

Anyway, yes, they should go be journalists and check it out.

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Thankfully Trump tweeted about it, and now more people are looking into it. Fucking MSM journalists are ruining people with their lack of actual journalism. Gargantuan assholes!

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drumpf is a faggot he's just trying to distract from his impending impeachment

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FUCK FACTS for that matter.

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Just leaving these here for quick comparison.

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oh my god, just gas those jews.

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They don't deserve gas. Give them the rope and feed them to pigs.

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Okay, can we have a separate group of pigs for that? I, for one, do not want to eat jew-bacon.

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(((Jenifer Williams)))

These kikes must be getting scared. They're all using goy names now.

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They say the same thing about the Holocaust.

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Anyone have the original link? I'm curious to hear their "reasoning" for this statement.

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Thanks. I still don't see much justification for that statement. Basically, they seem angry that he brought attention to it, and they're angry because it was a talking point of white nationalists a while back (while it was still a minor thing, and they were the only ones to see the writing on the wall). Now that the cat is out of the bag and SA is actually setting up laws to confiscate land, they are still trying to discredit it, by appealing to emotion instead of facts.

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To anyone wondering, archiving it doesn't work. Bottom line though, the pic is real.

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