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Wow who would have thought of asking this question?

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No one should be forced to take in ANY invaders. Vlad the impaler had the right idea

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When is enough enough?

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Before it starts with many of these issues we have now.

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bu..but...IT'S RWACIST.

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that's exactly right, but then why did everyone sign the Schengen treaty? THAT was the origin of the problem.

I mean, along with all the other problems, like a common currency, the filthy treaties and trade policies, a European parliament that is not elected by the peoples, etc. It started with Maastricht and before, and then Schengen was the next nail in the coffin that let everyone move freely into any EU member country -- obviously most wanted to go to Germany, a few to France and the UK.

The EU is such an accumulation of absurdity it makes you wonder if it's even real. People can't be THAT stupid. And most countries had referendums, Germany was one of the few (only one?) that didn't have a referendum. Of course not, because it was desginated as the biggest loser.

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They are "refugees" not invaders.

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Right. Its not a new tax, its a "fee"

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That’s not absurd. It’s devious.

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Or ANY actually. Elected representatives are NOT elected to represent ANYONE other than THEIR citizenries BEST interests. NO refugees. DEAL with the SHIT they CAUSED by worshipping EVIL.