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A nigger sow is the curator

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If it's true that they're discovering too many artifacts and they're not able to process all of them quickly, why not store them somewhere until they have the resources to examine them? At the very least, why not scoop up the excess items in bags and sell them on eBay: some amateur collectors would be guaranteed to take better care of the items than literally destroying them.

Whose culture is Alice Bah Kuhnke the minister of? It's hard not to be outraged by this. Why destroy history any cultural history unnecessarily? If I found an Indian Arrow head in the woods, I wouldn't just crush it and throw it in the trash even though it's not my culture. What kind of person thinks like this?

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People that want us to forget our history, our culture, so that they can rewrite history and deny anything to do with "White" culture.

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Communist, and Satanist scum I believe.

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There are limits, for example there's a lot of roman pottery and neolithic arrowheads in Europe, more than it'd be possible or even useful to store. The article is talking about the wholesale destruction of entire sites though, and the disposal of more substantial finds like amulets.

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They want to destroy all remnants of our Pagan past and therefore our roots. Once a trees roots are rotted it's easier to topple.

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There really are only two answers to your questions. Either this woman is so fucking stupid that she honestly felt this was the best course of action or, the more sinister and sadly realistic answer, she was following through on behalf of those who want to destroy white culture. Or even her own wants, to destroy a culture that will never truly accept her.

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Destruction of all previous culture and artifacts is a core part of Islam. (the foot soldiers for the jews)

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Communist scum. They hire an African and allow her to destroy Swedish history.

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That is a multi million count hate crime

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Somebody should go to jail for this.

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Runer explains that the archaeologists cannot themselves auction the findings to the private sector as it would encourage crooks and robbers to then resell the treasure.

Socialists: We need government funded museums to preserve our archeological history and make sure it's properly recorded

Also socialists: It's ok if they destroy it, just as long as they don't end up being preserved and recorded by private groups.

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This is my argument for endagered animals.. ok im a multi millionair i am will to pass inspectioms pay fees etc so i can keep a okapi at my house maybe two and breed them.. no fuck you the okapi need to be in nature where a tiger can eat them! How dare you want to spend tons of money to care for them and protect them!

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Or the animal rights activists who protest against game farms helping keep lions and elephants around. If we left them all in Africa with no "interference" they'd be snapped up by local poachers with modern weapons in a matter of weeks.

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Well they did an exceptional job of preserving Africa's heritage. Why not put them in charge of Sweden's history?

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True - the mud huts they use today are the same mud huts they used hundreds of years ago.

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Let's be real here for a moment. What weak backbone does a staff of people who are real Swedes, need to have, to stand idly by and allow this to happen? Yes, she should NEVER have even been appointed to that position but the actual act to melt them down... she didnt do it physically.

How did a secret resistance movement not crop up amongst the older staff, to at least try and save, hide, the relics and artifacts to prevent them from being melted down?

A simple hole somewhere, dug in preparation, or an attic in a home in the boonies, to hide these precious historical artifacts, would be enough!!!

But the logic... of melting down ANY cultures artifacts... insane!!!! Wtf!? Lack of space? Lack of funding? I'm trying here to see the perspective through a steady head but I only see ONE true reason to do this.

The destruction of a peoples history in the hope's it will destroy their future, making it simpler to invade and destroy them.

We joke about the swedes being cucks, but this isn't only swedish culture and history. Its white history. And my heart sheds tears for these artifacts there were painfully made all those centuries ago...

We will never have them again.

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exactly it could go along the lines of " i ,will take this um scrap to the scrap bin down the corridor ", wink ," and be back in 5 minutes ,dont worry the artifacts sorry scrap will be gone"...you'd think somebody working there would be passionate enough to give a fuck

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They could pull more of a profit if they packaged it up and sold it.

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