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The God of the Israelites is the white man. They are made in the image of the white man. Their's is a long history of cheating, provoking the defying their God until he become vengeful.

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Ooooh this is an interesting thing to push

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When i was young i couldn't fathom why God was always pissed off at the jews. Always smightting them then forcing one of them to prove themselves. Young me would hate old me while old me would beat young me's ass for being stupid.

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Almost all people over Mediterranean Sea where white until Bedouin refugees came along.

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Yes and no. I would say Egypt was not really white because of the Nile, but the rest of North Africa? Yes, sure. And today's Syria, Israel, Lebanon, definitely. And the Arabs were not refugees, they were barbaric and salvage conquerors.

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You referring to sea faring people or a later tribe?

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Since the Cheddar Man fiasco, I don't really believe these "new DNA" study things until there is more proof.

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Cheddar Man fiasco?

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They found an ancient preserved corpse in the British Isles that was widely claimed to be Black skinned. Which of course immediately resulted in a bunch of "we wuz Kang Arthur n shiet, we wuz having Excalerba n shiet, you white devils stole our culture dawg".

Then it turned out the Body wasn't actually black, of course no retractions were made for the fake news.

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@Laurentius_the_pyro and @doginventer described it exactly how it happened. If you search for "Cheddar Man", compare the amount of MSM articles raving about he's a nigger to those where it was discovered that he's of Balto-Finnic stock.

My guess is they've been reading how regular people (what they label the "right" and "white supremacists") are realizing more and more that Jews try to hide themselves among the normal, majorically Christian population and undermine them like the "Dear White People" meme, push race-mixing, homosexuality, letting half the Middle East into Europe, etc., yet try to keep that out of their own ethnic group. People see the hypocrisy and understand that Jews are among us but certainly differentiate themselves from us.

My guess is they will start pushing how Europeans and Jews are the same. And that the only thing demarcating them is your awful, unfounded racism, I mean, "anti-Semitism". Jews are closer to us than Muslims.

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We are the chosen ones...the meek shall inherit the earth.

Jews don't exactly fit the bill as they are venomous serpents.

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The meek don't deserve shit. Blessed are the strong.

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A better translation for "meek" is "those with long knives, who keep the sheathed" or something like that. Like a warrior in a garden. Theres not really a word for that concept in english.

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The term meek in this context is of being strong and having the ability to take care of yourself, but holding out and not dominating everything just to do so. The white man has been the meek for a very long time now, and things will change drastically in the near future.

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Find pictures of actual Samaritans, aka Semites. Not look like Jewish people.

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This was before the Israelites made it into the land of Israel. These were the proto-Israelites. The actual Israelites according to the Bible came from Ur/Chaldea. We would need DNA from that area to know what the ancient Hebrews were exactly.

They traversed into what is the Negev before settling in the Levantine. They probably were a small band so they largely were absorbed into the dominant population. That said, I would not say those scores exactly are white. It also says that a lot of the archaic DNA was coming from Anatolia(which was very European in ancient times) and also Iran and that it moved South into the area of the Levantine. People would be right to say that the region was Arabized starting in the 8th century.

The Arabization was heaviest in the Gaza Strip/Palestine region and it dwindles the closer one gets to places the old Ugaritic cities and Cilicia. The Alawites are basically Levantines and part Caucasian based on genetics(look at how some of the Assads have blue eyes). The Armenians have genetic continuity going back 5,000 years ago and were probably something between proto-European, proto-Iranic, and porto-Caucasian.

Israel though would have had closer connections with the Hellenic world(proof of this is that the Philistines had Mycenaean pottery in their area and were said to be partially descended from the Mycenaeans and they had a system run by petty lords/kings over city states like in Mycenaean Greece). There might have also been some connection to Egypt and the Linear A culture of the island of Crete. Hebrews are essentially Babylonians who probably mixed with Arabs in the Negev and who knows what they mixed with in Egypt and instead of magically appearing in the Levantine the Egyptians considered them a threat as their numbers swelled and they resettled them in the Levantine as they did the Sea Peoples.

This is when the Hebrews Levantized. Jews are essentially part Palestinian and part Rhinelander. Their European ancestry ranges from 30-70%. People also tend to forget some might have Hellenized during and after the Maccabee uprising. There were Jews in Europe early on in the A.Ds. Many of them moved into the Rhineland region and were merchants for the Romans on the frontiers in and around Germania. A lot of them would marry a Romanized European in the first generation, the Romanized European would convert to Judaism, and then they would only marry half Europeans/half Jewish peoples.

They were then booted out of Western Europe from the 13th-16th century, depending on the country, and then they went to live in North Africa, the Ottoman Empire, the Pale of Settlement, and the Netherlands. The fact that they were able to keep their racial orientation for such a long time testifies to a significant amount of inbreeding.

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Oh yeah that totally makes since, I'd bother to look up who did the study if I could get past the initial this-is-bs reaction

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Ancient DNA from Chalcolithic Israel reveals the role of population mixture in cultural transformation | Nature Communications https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-05649-9

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Makes sense. The Iconography the orthadox church uses is largly copied from the earliest drawings of the folks that were around. So, yeah, WE WAS HEBREWS AND SHIT!

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