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It's Simon Lindberg, a very intelligent and sympathetic man.

He's a national socialist, leader of all the branches in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. (Danish branch recently started up) The TLDR is they want to create a single Nordic nation, strong enough to be competitive both on the economic and military world stage. Inhabited only by people of northern European descent who rule over their own destiny.


The Nordic Resistance Movement’s goals and visions have been summarized in nine points. These are:

  1. Immediately stop the mass immigration. Repatriation of the majority of all who are not northern European or of closely related descent is to begin as soon as possible. They are to be returned to their respective countries of origin or neighboring regions in the most humane way possible.

  2. By all available means, and with a long-term perspective, work to regain power from the global Zionist elite who have economically and militarily occupied the greater part of our world.

  3. Together with the remaining Nordic countries, create a self-sufficient Nordic Nation with a joint military, currency and central bank, and universal laws and rules. This will necessitate an immediate withdrawal from the European Union and any other similar anti-Nordic coalitions.

  4. Establish a powerful government with a strong oversight by the people. Positions of leadership will be awarded based on competence, and the first and foremost goal of the government will be to work for the good of the people and for their preservation. The right to freedom of speech will be extensive and protected.

  5. Our mass media will be owned by citizens of the new Nordic Nation. Both foreign and domestic media acting in a manner hostile to the Nordic people will have the possibility of being banned. A domination of media by any individual or conglomeration must be corrected.

  6. Create a modern society living in harmony with the laws of nature. Our animal protection laws will be developed with an emphasis on ethics as opposed to profits. Nature and all its resources will be utilized using common sense and with future generations in mind. Right of public access will be preserved and protected.

  7. Establish a National Socialist society where resources are distributed in such a way that benefits all people, both strong and weak, and where everybody has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. A social welfare safety net shall be put in place, entrusting people with both rights and obligations. The state will control all fundamental infrastructure of public interest, as controlling them would require a level of responsibility greater than what a private company can reliably deliver. A spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation will be encouraged.

  8. Reinstate national compulsory military service and increase and expand all branches of the armed forces. All those who have completed their military service will retain their weapons and equipment. Every citizen should be able to contribute to the defense of the nation against both external and domestic threats.

  9. Establish a constitutional state where all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law. Educated lawyers will judge in Nordic courts. A People’s Court (jury style court) will be created for trying serious cases of treason against the people.

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That's funny, because I've actually taken to start calling myself as Nordic as my "race" rather than "white" or "Caucasian" pretty recently. This is great, I'm not alone essentially.

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You a swede? If not or you do not have nord ancestory, it is literally believing in your own larp and cringy.

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That's good! The only downside is when someone takes you for a Swede since they're fucking cucks, save for maybe 1% of the population. Similarly I call myself a Slav since I don't wanna associate myself with any country west of Poland.

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I was tolerant until number 9. Lawyers are the root of all the problems by nature of their monopoly. That society will crumble in corruption unless the monopoly on law is broken . They would have to be more than two external governing bodies for the lawyers if that's even going to have a chance

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Yes, I can see how this might cause concern for some at a first glance, based on the things we are used to in western societies today.

I'll expand these points for clarification;

The Nordic Resistance Movement will:

  • Establish a constitutional state where the legislative power is separate from the executive power. In other words, laws are enacted by a publicly elected Parliament, but these laws are then carried out by independent courts and government agencies without interference from other authorities.

  • In accordance with the principles of the constitutional state, abolish the current lay judge system. Only educated lawyers, not politicians, may judge in our courts.

  • Ensure that government agencies do not take a political position in their governance. A government official, or the entire agency for that matter, is not allowed take a political stance while in uniform or while displaying anything indicating that the person is a member of that agency. A government official can of course take a personal political stance if it is clear that it is taken as an independent individual, and not as a representative of an agency.

  • Ensure that government agencies and other public organizations do not take a stance on political issues unless it has been made abundantly clear that this opinion is within the innate scope of activity of that agency or organization. Organizations that are exempt from this are those that are specifically responsible for education, such as schools, whose practices will be based on National Socialist values.

If you don't want educated lawyers to judge, who would you prefer instead?


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To be fair, it also mentions juries, which are the ancient body of peers to pass final judgment of not only a defendant but also the law itself, at least in Anglo-Celtic traditions preserved in the US.

I don’t like lawyers either but have you ever seen a ghetto nigger make a legal argument in court? There are two extremes to this problem with no easy solution imo.

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Would there be dual citizenship like the jews use? If a Nordic state formed, I think I'd pack up and move there immediately to be surrounded by MY people.

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Thanks for posting that link.

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Adolf WAS a good person surrounded by lies.

Think of it, if he got the people he did to follow him and other male leaders couldn't rival that, even by force, how enraged would they get? Very enraged. Yet they couldn't just join him in his pure mission to make the world a better place for the European races. And look where we are today, we're left touting America and the greatest, when really it's a lesser version of what Germany would have been had America not attacked. I have to look into the timing of the attack on Russia and America attacking Germany though. That's a potential conflict

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Not great optics to say that right before an election...

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Trump told Americans the truth in 4-5 cities every day in the last 2 months of the 2016 election cycle. He didn't go dip this deep into the well of truths though.

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True. But trashing “globalism” doesn’t trigger people so badly just because the Jews denied its existence for so long and refused to even talk about it in media.

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Trump's family is proudly Jewish.

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Or maybe it is just the right thing to say before the election to show the level of /ourguy/.

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'optics' can be used by opposition to prevent my guys from speaking the truth. I am very skeptic to the term itself.

'B-but Goy, think of the optics'

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I said this recently on the subject of "optics": When a toilet is overflowing with shit, it's just pouring out, ankle deep in the company restroom- does the janitor worry about "optics" when he goes in there to fix the problem?

Or does he roll up his sleeves and get elbow-deep into that toilet to dig out the offending lump of shit? Does he care how he looks while he's cleaning up the massive shit mound? Does he have time to worry about someone laughing at him for having poo on his shirt? No, he's got a job to do, and he fucking does it.

Optics can go straight to hell. The only place for an optic is on a rifle.

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So much this.

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Trump should come out and say that the USA was on the wrong side of the war. And, that Jews are always weaving lies to get Christian nations to war with each other. And, that Jews are always weaving lies to get Christians and Muslims to war with each other.

All of our misery is because of Jews deceiving. Jews are a wolf in sheep's clothing

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I don’t think that’s going to happen. It’s a matter of national pride to honor all of our war dead, including those from both sides of the Civil War at the same time. It’s a matter of respect to our military, whether the policies they fought for were right or wrong.

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Best Nordic Resistance Movement video!


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Wed better have some mirrors for this before the youtuber's channel dissappears al9ng with all clips in it

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JFK said more or less the same thing:

Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived

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Warsaw saw war and war saw warsaw

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He's not wrong.

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You know how Jews lie ??? Their #1 Military Unit Motto “””By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.”” We fucking lie to you to create wars. All you need to know really ~

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We? Who is this we? You and the rest of your JIDF rats?

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NO Yids within 180 miles

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