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A lot of other people witnessed it the last time too.

It didnt matter because they didnt own the media and the academia, so they all sooner or later died and the publishing cabal didnt.

The only way to win is to not lose a fucking war, especially not the one you started yourself.

If fucking Hitler didnt kill off millions of Germans in an useless conquest of Eastern Siberia, we'd be all speaking German by now.

Instead of wasting a fuckton of money on weaponry and then losing a war, he should invested a fuckton of money in writing books and making movies and ruling without interruption for half a century.

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And what if the Soviet Union then invaded later? Especially if the Soviet Union had taken all of Poland? Germany would then not have had any kind of buffer. The Soviet Union had taken more and more of Europe, and they had explicitly said early on that Poland would be the land bridge to the rest of Europe for the Red Army:–Soviet_War#Prelude , search for "bridge".

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And what if the Soviet Union then invaded later?

Then the 5 million young german men would not have horrifically died in the useless conquest of Siberia at -40 °C, thousands of miles far away from Germany, but died defending their homeland, like an army is supposed to do.

That would be in the case that the SU invaded.

In the more likely case that the SU didnt invade, Germany would today be twice the size, twice the population, and could have simply waited till the SU collapsed by itself, like the rest of the west successfully did. Hitlers decision to invade a worthless winter wasteland was simply as stupid as Napoleons.