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The translation: "Native Germans, you're going to be genocided out of existence and your land handed over to moslems and africans"

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I bet the German people really miss Hitler about right now

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How blatantly obvious does it need to be before people stand up to evil? Jew lies are destroying the white race; so they can have ignorant niggers as slaves.

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Hitler was an immigrant too. Planet immigrant.

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TFW the president doesn't know what germanic tribes are.

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Not the best idea to fuck with Germans.

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Not the best idea to fuck with Germans.

All the Germans with the warrior spirit were killed in the war.

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We will hang this fucking Volksverräter.

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They can try that, but the Native Germans are smarter, more organized, build shit that works etc. Like let them try. It'll be funny.

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They also have one baby per woman. Exponential decay.

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If the liberal German politicians keep this shit up, a new Nazi type party will soon rise. Can't say they didn't ask for it.

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Hopefully this time with the benefit of hindsight and wont go to such great lengths to keep the people who want them dead, healthy and happy. (Auschwitz swimming pools for the inmates)

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The big tactical error was underestimating the influence of the banking cartel. Secure your allies prior to starting a war against the global power structure.

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They should've made those gas chambers. The Jews lied about it anyway.

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Not a chance. The Germans have been subjected to brainwashing for more than 70 years. Their politicians could literally say that the native German people deserve to be genocided, and they would still be voted into office.

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And this time we witnessed it. We know the reasons.

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A lot of other people witnessed it the last time too.

It didnt matter because they didnt own the media and the academia, so they all sooner or later died and the publishing cabal didnt.

The only way to win is to not lose a fucking war, especially not the one you started yourself.

If fucking Hitler didnt kill off millions of Germans in an useless conquest of Eastern Siberia, we'd be all speaking German by now.

Instead of wasting a fuckton of money on weaponry and then losing a war, he should invested a fuckton of money in writing books and making movies and ruling without interruption for half a century.

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I can’t believe they would have to keep this up. The first time the Marxists raised their thuggish hands they should have died. I weep for Germany. German men you have nothing to loose. You are being targeted and whittled down till you are nothing. If nothing else give the example we should follow. If you should find your end then make it so terrible an end that the world quakes and the German martyr is never forgotten. No surrender. No mercy. May your enemies blood flow like Rhein and your courage be as deep as the Black Forest

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Well that’s just retarded.

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The globalists are crazy cultists. They're so fucking crazy, that the average person can't grasp it. They prefer to think it's all planned for their best interest and the government would never launch a war against them, as the government launches a war against them.

I want to hear the howls when they finally get it, and the betrayal sinks through the hierarchy programming. What does a dog pack do when the leader is mad?

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A dog pack is intelligent in that it will shun or attack a mad pack member. As humans we must do no less. In fact we have the ability to ensure eradication of the (((foe))) is permanent.

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He must be mad that UK is more ruined, than the country he is in charge of ruining.

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We need a lot of rope

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Logic: then you are not a "German" politicain and can be deported to Somalia. - point proven

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This fucker needs to be lynched. No, really. How could any politician say anything more traitorous?

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no mistaking this for anything but treason.

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That makes literally no sense. Germany is not, and never has been, a settler society in the way the US, Canada, Argentina and Australia were. Those places were all depopulated by disease and settlers came and took over. That is NOT at all the case with Germany. We know who was hanging out in Germany as far back as Roman times at least. And it was the same blondish, tallish, Viking-looking people as it is today. The Turks, Africoons etc are immigrants, maybe some can adopt German habits but they are not ethnic Germans. And ethnic Germans are a real thing. Let's not be stupid.

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Too bad he won’t be alive in a hundred years when they start executing all the non Muslims or non sand niggers although I guess we’ll have to create a new name as Germany isn’t a giant waterless beach

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30 years

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