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Blocked via archive.is, archive.org (wayback) and google cache (goes to 404). Successfully archived via google translate while preserving the original URL.

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From Hebrew to English. I like it.

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That oughta rustle their sheckels

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The SPLC does the same thing.

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Smart. I'll have to remember that one.

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This guy is farming for upgoats. He's a shariablue shillfuck.

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Trump's second claim, that South African farmers are being killed on a "large scale," is a fiction not supported by data.

Change South African farmers to jews and suddenly no proof or data support is needed. This tells you everything you need to know who is behind this disinfo. The nose knows.

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Not even just Jews. Statistics show the police shooting of blacks has significantly decreased over the past decades, but they continue to spread the lie that it has increased too an epidemic proportion.

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I'm not getting the archiving. Did they try to back away from the article and delete it? I haven't watched media and don't know their position on the issue.

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They block archiving because "right wing trolls" use archiving to show the MSM bias by providing their own work. The MSM claims archiving is illegitimate because they "need time to edit/correct" incorrect information (sometimes just delete entirely). I argue that the information should have been correct in the first place. If the MSM is providing factual and correct information they should not be so worried about those nasty "right wing trolls" archiving their pages. If they are proving information that is false then it would stand to reason they would not like archiving.

It seems self evident why they don't like anyone archiving their work and actively block it to the best of their ability.

It should be noted that no one is stopping the left from doing this very same thing.

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Gotcha. Wasn't sure what was going on.

Archiving is the same thing as recording video of someone. When the media catches someone saying something stupid, do they delete it so the person can have time to edit what they said?

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You make some great points with this comment, especially holding activist journalists, if you can call them that, accountable for hiding the truth.

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WaPo attempts to block all archiving. It is not just this article. That said, their efforts to defeat archiving can be gotten around.

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Fuck the corporate activist media. They aren't reporters or journalists at all. They're soldiers.

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Liberals are stroking racial Hatred more than the so-called Nazis. They’re basically begging to get a race war kicked off.

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One Day: The claim that media operatives have experienced mass genocide gets five Pinocchios. No reported data can exist on media operatives murdered as they are all unavailable for reporting

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It's important to archive this because in about 2 years, people will look back and say "why didn't we stop this [genocide in South Africa]?", and we can point to the press and say "because it was being covered up".

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