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edit - wtf? I made the first comment in here. I will expand. Good that this is happening. I don't understand why we wait until they are 18. We need a fucking wall.

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Did anyone else see the article on mueller investigating tony podesta on the front page of reddit having the same "Good." comment over and over in the comments section for no reason?

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Jesus fucking Christ. That’s a lot of bots down* below.

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they're called illegal aliens, or illegal invaders

you stupid faggot

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When they turn 18, they get a fancy document called a deportation notice. :D

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For some of then it’s an achievement

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We need to streamline this process with those tools they use to kill steers at the beef factory. Conclusive proof of illegal entry is simply PRESENCE. No trial required. Death to enemy invader/ combatants. Legal as it gets.

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Murder a pretend child? Even third world shit holes are not that barbaric or ignorant.

Use these invading anchors for theft of national resources by any SS employee who was on the payroll while the invading parents stole from the US health care system.

A lot of these public servants are retired or close to it. Seizing their ill gotten assets is more humane.

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Even third world shit holes are not that barbaric or ignorant

First world Israel is much worse though. They'd spray him down with feces and then put him in a forced labor camp in the desert.

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No, maybe I have missed the point of the thread. I was thinking they were waiting of illegal immigrants to turn 18 to begin the process of deportation. I was quipping that we should just exterminate them at that time as enemy combatants, without wasting money on a bullet. Just that tool that shoots (electrically, mechanically) a prod into the steers' brain, killing them...hamburgers!

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The israelis are here calling for the murder of people when deportation will do. They don't even do that in their country. They try to discredit VOAT any way they can.

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Eh, you can get a 9mm bullet for 15¢ and it's much easier to haul around.

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Liberal trash! The electric current required to operate the beef maker is less than a penny. Why do you like to rob us all of the time?

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Enjoy your Quinceañera fuckers.

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No, you don't want the "women" to enjoy that, they start having kids (anchor babies) then.

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Whats the chance of them spawning an anchor between beeing arrested and catapulted over the border.

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The proper term is illegal immigrants

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The proper term is illegal immigrants aliens


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I'm pretty sure it's taco niggers

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You are correct sir.

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You mean beaners

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He says he fled Honduras in January at the age of 17 after one of his abusive mother's gang associates threatened him with a gun. Orellana crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, asked for asylum, and was placed in the Homestead shelter

Fucking dumbass. Any excuse to be seen as a "victim". Why not just move somewhere else in beanerland instead of burdening white people with yet another felon factory turd?

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We really need to get the trains running and start deporting them by the millions.

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Load up the trains to maximum capacity, lock all the doors & windows, and don't open them again until they get to the southern-most tip of Mehico or where ever the train tracks end. Tell the 'passengers' you're going to fumigate for rats after the train is empty, and heading back to the USA, so anyone still onboard will probably die if they try to hide in the train.

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Boats. Immediately upon capture, pop them on a big boat and take them way down to the southern end of Mexico on the Pacific side, around Oaxaca, then put them into rubber rafts a couple of hundred yards offshore and let them return the way so many of them got in.

Really though physical removal (or a physical barrier) is a small part of the problem. The key thing is to change the laws so that illegal aliens and their spawn cannot obtain welfare, housing, education, healthcare, citizenship, ID, driving privileges, bank accounts, mortgages, leases, jobs, "asylum", or any of the other crap the crooked politicians have been allowing them to acquire at citizen/taxpayer expense for decades (thus incentivizing their endless and growing invasion).

A good start would be shutting down the $30 billion in annual "remittances" illegal invaders drain from the US economy and send electronically back to Mexico each year.

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Why bother waiting? Deport the minors too.

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They all need to be executed, not deported

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No, that means we have to pay for the method and cleanup. Deport via trebuchet, cleanup would then be handled by the spick gov, and it would also serve as a deterrent. Don't want to splat in mexico? Then don't come to the US illegally.

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You guys wouldn't even do that in Israel. Should we kill your fellow Jews that sneak into the country too?

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