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As a father of two daughters. I never want this to happen. Because this would end up the same for me. https://www.abc15.com/news/crime/pd-man-who-follows-teen-into-phoenix-restroom-is-beaten-killed-by-father

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Fucking ((( news ))) makes it out like the pedophile was the victim here.

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Are you an arson too?

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36-year-old Jorge Leon-Alfaro allegedly attempted to record the girl with his phone and grab her legs last Saturday, Fox News reports. 

Who wants to bet that his immigration status is less than legal?

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That's it? Just voyeurism charges? Nothing to with the fact that the girl is an 11 year old child?! He'll get a slap on the wrist and be out on bail in no time.

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Peeping JORGE. Tom is innocent.

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It's the new rallying cry of civil war 2.0. NOT TODAY, BUDDY. NOT TODAY.

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If he had only learned the truth. Pussy is worthless, NOT priceless. He probably would have developed interests in something(s) more practical. He's probably a victim of Pop Culture. He's a creep, can't score any tail, yet pop culture bombards him with how sex is the pennultimate activity a person can experience. Meh, he looks like he never tried drugs. Drugs are better than sex, if you don't get busted. But, they have their hidden dangers as well, probably worse than turning into a frustrated pervert.

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I am sure not everyone agrees with you however a good regular jerk off would save a huge portion of the population a whole lot of trouble

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Agreed, AND it's NOT prohibited in the Bible. In fact, there IS evidence that God understands the male NEED to orgasm (madness). Better to be married, than...the madness, or something like that. I SWEAR it's in the Bible though. The thing is once you orgasm (male) INSTANTLY no more madness.