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Higher bail than the guy who ritualisticly murdered a child while training other children to be school shooters.

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There are people that have had higher bail for unpaid parking tickets.

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He isn't wrong...women shouldn't be driving...they are terrible at it.

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The fact that he has not been charged with attempted murder is absurd. This man should never be in public ever again. I cannot believe what has come of society when we allow such savage behavior to be let out on bond. This includes those sick fucks who were training the children to be school shooters and extends all the way to the savage violent trash that shoots up Chicago every weekend. If your prerogative is clear repeat violence without remorse, you should not be allowed into public EVER AGAIN.

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100% agree

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Five other occasions? Nuff said!

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How was he not in prison already?

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Cops didn't feel like being calledracist.

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It's weird. I have a dim view of lots of types of people, including individuals, but it NEVER seems justified for me to murder them. Simply for the fact, that despite my knowledge, experience, perspective on the subject (ANY subject) I KNOW that there MIGHT be something I'm MISSING, or got incorrect about the situation. It would take a DIRECT attack to make me kill someone I think. I don't really believe in pre-emptive strikes, as a matter of course, I guess. Though I suppose if you REALLY REALLY KNOW, it's okay. You had better be ABLE to PROVE it though!

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Soon you will want a cleansing. https://voat.co/v/news/2689488

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I think of interesting account names, I create new accounts (not that often) views are STILL the same though. you may be able to figure it out. It helps protect me (experience) from casual stalkers too (reddit).

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Account age much like internet points only matter to newfag niggers who need to gb2reddit.

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I mean women can't drive, apparently it's required of them to have their phone in their face well driving.

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Hey now, I'm a woman and I can drive! I can even do it while not touching my phone, ever, while driving because I value my life and the lives of others on the road.

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Hey now, I'm a woman and I can drive!

All women think this.

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Yea ok. Want to pet my unicorn?

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Whenever I'm coming up behind a car on the freeway with damage to the rear-end, I like to play a guessing game: Asian, old person or woman? Slow driving is usually an old person. Swerving over the lines (texting) is usually a woman. Asians are a wild card.

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He must be getting ready for the world wide Sharia law.

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On the one hand, he's a terrorist, but on the other, women drivers, to be honest I don't really know who's more dangerous.

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