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Aaaaand, the guard was a nigger.

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Annnnd a white guy helped out.

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You can see other blacks watching in the background.

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Color me shocked.

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I'll color you anything, except black.

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Here you go 0x000000

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You're shocked.

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Hire blacks, pay the tax

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The suspect they pinned down was a nigger too.

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Stupid black woman security guard gets out of her car to film. She's probably thinking, "I'm not on the clock, and I'm sure as hell ain't going to help this cracker. In fact, I'm gonna film this so that this cracker cop goes to jail for being racist."

Two dindus.

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lol like she would even help if she was on the clock

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That's a lot of thought. "Dis gon be good" is more likely.

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Nah. Only thing going through her head was, "WUUURLSTAR!"

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Maybe she's saying to herself "Dis gon be gud."

Or maybe "Gon get bank fo vidyo. Fame. Cha-ching."

Sorry. My ebonics is rusty because I grew up speaking white.

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hahah, that's true.

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Her behavior sums up the left brilliantly. I am not going to help or offer a solution or risk myself for something that is obviously right, what I will do is film it in case a white guy makes a mistake.

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Before this would have pissed me off.. now i dont give a fuck.. read about the guy in new york who fought a crazy man who was stsbbing people with a knife.. two cops sat and watched and did nothing until the guy had been subdued. The hero wqs cut badly and had to be taken to the hospital another citizen helped him stop the bleeding.. the cops were sued and our kangaroo court system said they did nothing wrong this security gaurd did nothing wrong shit she did more then the cops on the train at least she recorded it for evidence.

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Yeah cops are not legally bound to protect you

This is still a redpill for normies, sadly.

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is there a link to the story you read?

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Citizen wrestled with NYC subway spree-stabber while cops cowered and watched. He sued the cops for their inaction but a judge ruled (as others have) that cops have NO DUTY TO PROTECT citizens.

Same thing at Mandalay Bay and Parkland - cops stand back cowering while citizens/students get slaughtered, no repercussions and sovereign immunity from lawsuits.

That security guard made the right call; she has no special "get out of jail free card" like cops do and could get sued if the perp were to be injured.

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There is a video that is funny but truly sad when you think how serious the situation was. Those cops deserve the worst possible on duty death possible.

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Think i found the problem with the guard

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what do you expect.if that was a white man she would step on his throat. nig being nig. too fat to even get out of her own way fat nig.got job thru EEO.

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"I don't have a duty to protect and serve either, buddy."

Sorry, even without niggers in the mix, this is the society police created by slipping their most important responsibility to the public. Just let us shoot criminals ourselves.

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THAT sort of racism is okay though right? I sure hope there is a nigger infection/cancer antidote being cooked up in some secret lab somewhere. It's DEFINATELY needed. Probably should be scope expanded to include all liberals (nigger lovers, feminists, etc) if possible.

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sickle cell is pretty rampant in nigs.

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I wonder how much that costs us all?

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