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ffs, truepundit is fake and gay. the same source saying for ages pizzagate arrests are right around the corner. its a tabloid at best, and a shareblue ploy to make voaters look dumb for upvoting it.

ITS also oddly similar to the gateway pundit, which has credible stories, but if people forget the name of one and replace it with another... - /u/Vic_V

Why was this thread deleted and then reposted?


[–] Vic_V 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

he is trying too hard to control the narrative and push this since he didnt like my response on his other post. @kalgon why do you hate freedom? Why is this shit about las vegas only coming up now so long after the incident? you reek of disinfo.

If I disagreed with someone in my submission I wouldnt just repost it to control what people see, Id just say why I disagree with them. It doesnt strike me as normal behavior at all to go to this length if you were just strongly opinionated, kalgon.

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