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Anyone paying attention to the LVMPD press conference should have known this was an FBI op. The handler was right next to the police chief.

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Aaron Rouse - Podesta connection

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Furthermore, this gives confirmation to the idea that this was an ISIS and or Antifa arms deal gone bad, along with evidence of multiple shooters. He was probably an FBI asset who got discovered and executed, then they carried out the massacre. Sure let the media narrative be that he's a crazed white man, they even tried to call him conservative, the coverup fits them perfectly.

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There were 3 women in the room during the shooting. Didn't hear that on the news did you?

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Come again?

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The sheriff said they were in the room during the shooting. He then refused to answer any questions about it.

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Near the time of the shooting, no one claimed DURING the shooting.

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Yes. During. LV Sheriff statement.

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We will never know due to the fact that the FBI is never going to tell the truth about anything, of course thats because of national security and all……….

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which it isn't

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Fuck your auto play videos.

Any website that does this shpuld be shot.

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The only page elements I allow by default are the 1st-party site itself, and their CSS and images. Nothing auto-plays. If you're browsing the intertubes naked, that's kind of on you.

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Do you walk around blindfolded and say "i dont know why people hate ads. i cant see any of them, people should be using blindfolds"

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it's not my autoplay videos

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You posted it. Therefore your fault.

Boycott websotes that do it

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ffs, truepundit is fake and gay. the same source saying for ages pizzagate arrests are right around the corner. its a tabloid at best, and a shareblue ploy to make voaters look dumb for upvoting it.

ITS also oddly similar to the gateway pundit, which has credible stories, but if people forget the name of one and replace it with another... - /u/Vic_V

Why was this thread deleted and then reposted?

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he is trying too hard to control the narrative and push this since he didnt like my response on his other post. @kalgon why do you hate freedom? Why is this shit about las vegas only coming up now so long after the incident? you reek of disinfo.

If I disagreed with someone in my submission I wouldnt just repost it to control what people see, Id just say why I disagree with them. It doesnt strike me as normal behavior at all to go to this length if you were just strongly opinionated, kalgon.

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You STILL refuse to answer MY questions...

Very suspicious, truly reeks of disinfo!

You jew nigger kike shill...

Again, when did you stop being a cock sucker?

[–] kalgon [S] 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago  (edited ago)

Why are you retarded?

Why did your parents call you dumb?

Here are the questions YOU REFUSE TO ANSWER WHY?

Now get the fuck out pissbag

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Stop trying to play smart with me and go fuck yourself with your rhetorical question


That's what the article is based on


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Sounds like the FBI raised its recruitment standards.

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This is just fucking brilliant.

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