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Niggers don't get it. Good white people don't want anything to do with niggers. we want them GONE. We don't harrass them, or want contact with them in ANY way, because we are not filthy, animal, sub-human miscreants. Its NIGGERS who prey on people (niggers and whites) mostly. Generally speaking of course.

BTW, WTF is up with niggers constantly spitting on the Earth (ground)? Is their spit even more disgusting than they are? I see (TV) nigger athletes, and just regualar niggers spitting on the ground in public very often. Most white people I know don't do that. Just another sign of nigger filthiness? Sign? Secret meaning?

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I confronted a spitting nigger, and asked them why they just spit... they said it was "building up in their mouth"!

Disgusting and low IQ.

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That's how they rationalize rape too. "It was building up in muh dick!"