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Good point. If they got rid of the comment section, it was because the majority of commenters were going against the narrative. If that's the case in a local news outfit, then the "local news" outfit is actually a pack of fags from out of town.

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Spot on. That was my line of thinking exactly. Thanks for responding.

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Out with the old, in with the new niggerfaggot.

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Even a lot of tech blogs are this way now. They will post some anti-Trump tech-related political bullshit article and immediately disable the comments, preventing any kind of discussion around the topic.

What cracks me up is how based most YouTube commenters are.

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Absolutely. All YouTube propaganda videos disable the comments too another good tip off.

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Well that and classic music. Having a discussion about whose the better composer from the 17th/18th century is retarded.

Edit: added /18th to the comment.

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Well, that's because Baroque music sucked. It's all about 18th century classical composers, but not Mozart, totally overrated. Beethoven, on the other hand, ahead of his time.

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The left is terrified that real people will make real comments about current events, and other real people will read them.

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The truth is always the worst enemy of the liars.

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It's really not that hard to convince people of the JQ. But it's a lot harder IRL. Having sources and what not available is hard to produce, that and no one wants to read in front of you for 10 mins.

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This goes for any news outlet.

I started noticing comment sections disappearing two years ago right around after Trump became president.

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Me too, odd how that is just a coincidence.

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Me three. It was very disappointing for me, the comment sections were always where the best stuff was.

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Jews are no coincidence

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Comment sections disappeared in europe when mudslide started and pretty much all crime news had sandniggers as perpetrators. I also remember when one news site had poll about middle-eastern invaders and 95% of votes were against them, so suddenly the results changed other way around.

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Ditto. Commenters often times had more insight than the person writing the story, and could quickly debunk any narrative/angle the journalist was pushing.

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I miss trolling my local newspaper site as an entitled welfare queen with an attitude. I elicited so many gems from the community with that character.

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It's common practice on the leftist news sites. It helps keeping the herd calm.

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Not fake news but agenda pushing certainly. I've noticed this too. If there's something that they want to push, say, something about immigration, you'll rarely get a chance to comment on it, but if it's some bullshit story with no meaning then you'll be allowed to comment away to your hearts content. This is social influence; social engineering. And it's all in one direction.

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The site I linked to has removed all comments. Have you not seen the compilation of All the local affiliates reading the same script? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=487CRdRHEeI

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Haha, yes I have. It's evident all the time. Any time there's a high profile news story all you need to do is search one headline that you see and you'll see many more. It's proof that all that news is coming from one source.

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First of all, invidio.us link:


Second of all, we don't need the guy commenting about it, telling us what to think, or how to interpret it. Smells like damage control. Smells like getting ahead of the narrative.

Edit: fixed link.

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Yup, this is exactly what the BBC does. All articles about mundane bullshit have comments enabled and they're turned off anything slightly controversial that actually warrants discussion.

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Even if they have comments, they censor you.

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What's worse? Moderated or no comments?

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Moderated is worse.

Outright turning off comments makes it obvius that theyre hiding something.

Censorship and moderation maintain the pretense of free speech, while at the same time making it appear as if the public predominantly support the official narrative, they create a fake consensus, which discourages people from publicly questioning it in fear of being ostracized.

The fear of being ostracized from the hive is much greater than being silenced by the officials in power. Thats why nowadays they employ "consensus cracking" tactics along with good old total censorship.

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Not much of a difference.

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Moderated for sure. Much worse, because it gives the impression that everyone thinks a certain way. People tend to go with the crowd. Comments can change opinions, just like user reviews.

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