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This jewish counter narrative to this GALVANIZING WHITE ISSUE is being spread far and wide.

The truth is that black attacks on white farmers has been general knowledge for many years. There have been web sites devoted to this.

There is the fear that the overton window may shift a little bit more towards acknowledging that whites as a group have interests and feelings of white loyalty may be the result.

This is bad for Jews. Instinctually they know they must SHUT IT DOWN.

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This is exactly what the Jews fear most.

Whites standing up in unison, breaking their false "White Guilt" conditioning, and working together against the true threats posed by Niggers, and Jews.

Jews still tremble in fear of what Germans did over 70 years ago.

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Oh you mean locking them in camps, demanding they do menial labor and getting ready for their deportation towards the kikehive israel with full funding and support of the German taxpayer to create their settler paradise, Zionist federation of Germany and the NSDAP? Oooh that was sooooo scary. The lies the Zionists told these idiotic jews about the shoah has them shaking in their boots because they think of themselves like victims, much like women, yet carefully glance past the fact they as a race systemically genocided 70+ million white Russian Christians and did so for their innate hatred for Christianity and white people, because the Russians had dared to stand up against the kike and committed sporadic killing of jews referred to as the 'pogroms'. Meanwhile during their bolshevik led 'revolution' they built synagogues all over the Russian country and even slapped one in the center of Moscow, all communist party members had to attend if you wanted to get anywhere in the ranks.

Jews need a shoah, a real one, and it starts with nuclear glassing that entire sand desert they slither in.

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Fucking liberals have blood on their hands

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That and that now they have to share shoa points with others.

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Yeah, everyone is a liar according to slack jawed cocksucking jews... In a recent interview, Simon Roche (Suidlanders.org) laid out in graphic detail some examples of murders within the attempted genocide happening now in South Africa to white farmers and their families: An elderly couple had boiling water poured over them. An elderly gentleman got locked up in his Ford truck and the truck was set on fire and he burned to death. A four-year-old girl was raped by three men but survived it… And because she survived, she was then bundled up in newspaper with gasoline poured over it and then set on fire. A three-year-old girl was crucified on her parent’s kitchen table then raped… Then after that, her father had his throat slit and her mother was killed as well. Simon Roche continued to say that it is beyond people’s imagination what South Africa is in at the moment. It is reported by a crime scene investigator with firsthand knowledge that these kinds of killings are happening every day now. Yet the government is not acknowledging it and mainstream media worldwide for the most part does not report on it. Clearly there is a purposed agenda to wipe out white people from South Africa. https://rebezi.com/2018/02/09/white-genocide-south-africa-real-3-year-old-girl-crucified-kitchen-table-raped/

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In all seriousness, what interest do kikes have in SA? I know they hate the whites, but they have white countries much closer to them to subvert. Are they preparing for another holy land seizure?

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I know they hate the whites

No need to look any further.

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linkedin site

pulse/history-jewish-control-south-african-diamond-industry-benedict-ezeagu Platinum, gold diamonds. De Beers

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stop talking like a faggot

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Wow.. I read this article, researched their claims, researched their claims about the ANC. All commie jews. Good stuff.

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Opposing white genocide is anti-semitic.

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OyyyyyyyyyyyVeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy stick to 6 million figure goyim

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Pedo Yids gonna do Yid shit

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Right into the trap like the fools that they are.

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Of course they did

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