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True Pundit often posts fake information, and this time the information that Intelius is showing this information for free, publicly, is accurate. Now, let's question how accurate Intelius is.

However, as usual from TP, most of their information isn't sourced. For example:

Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, worked for the FBI, according to credit application data the Australian national reported as part of a loan application.

No sources given.

When contacted Friday, one FBI source said the Bureau “might have made payments to Danley but it is above my level,” the source said referring to access to the FBI’s confidential informant participant and payment records. The source said “bosses are concerned” with the new revelations about Danley’s financial relationship with the FBI.

True Pundit has an over reliance on "anonymous sources".

The only thing that is sourced is the YouTube video showing the Intelius link.