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This could be conspiracy BS news but what is true the Vegas story Story does not really add up? Police already knew Paddock family, all was a bit strange bit clever a little bit psychotic to say the least. Worked at NASA once, an old Lockheed company, did accounts but had not worked since the 1980s and was connected to a number of aircraft. Father was a known bank robber once on the FBI's most wanted. Lockheed Martin said in a statement that Paddock worked for a predecessor company of theirs for three years starting in 1985, he had multiple cell phones multiple address, he connects to flights to the Philippines through this girlfriend, local police say its 'Terrorism' but FBI says America's worst shooting is NOT terror?

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I still think Arms dealer fits him well, it explains almost everything.

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Fits better than "professional gambler." That sounds like an obvious excuse to launder gun-running cash through a casino.

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It stinks to high heaven.

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There were two separate bullet holes in the wall behind where he supposedly blew his own brains out.

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Let me take this to the fringe where I reside: Paddock was very likely a gun smuggler/go-between for the CIA or other Spook agency. My going hypothesis is that he provided specific support for Jihadist groups in the Philippines.

Am I sure? Nope. But with everything we see CONFIRMED with British MI6 employed by the NSA/US State Department/FBI and Military Intelligence to undermine the Trump campaign and then Presidency, hell, his particular Paddock association would be the least "very-unethical" thing we have seen lately.