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Why the fuck is Breitbart lying? If I walk into Mexico I'm not a fucking Mexican. I wouldn't be a "Japanese youth" if I go over there and kill someone. So why, the FUCK, is BREITBART saying they're FRENCH YOUTHS?

The very first fucking step is telling the truth about this shit, but for some unknowable reason, we can't stop lying. They aren't French, they're probably not "youths", whatever the fuck that means. STOP LYING YOU MENTALLY ILL FUCKSTICKS. This is bullshit.

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Brietbart is industrial grade kikery


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Controlled opposition. We need our own news, and probably our own uncensored Internet. Everyone should make an attempt to get a firm grasp of hardware/software/networking.

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Its weird they are considerded far right nazi to people i know and they usualy report stuff the mainstream meadia will not.. so who is printing the real news?

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Then what the fuck isn't?

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Because it's the British branch and they don't have a license.

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Of the "urban" type...

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north african islamic shits and low IQ negroids

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"Woman"? 16 is more a girl, I should say. And the "youth" are arabs, that's a fact.

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Women voted for these liberal pro nigger policies so I say these wimen get what they deserve. Just shows it was wrong giving women political power.

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"french youths" aka refugee scum

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Urban fires are Halal.

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This happens in Chicago too.

Nogs shoot at firefighters...they stay away too.

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Then Chicago needs armed guards riding forgive the term "shotgun" on the back of the trucks with permission to use deadly force if necessary to get to and control the fire.

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like anyone would cry w/another Chgo fire that burns up all the niggers

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Turn the fucking hose on them while you’re partner guards you with an axe.

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France have good socialist policies why will youth steal anything there.

"... according to police sub-prefect Gwenaëlle Chapuis who added that some even tried to steal equipment" For example of French youth check this: "Brutal attack by migrants on french police! " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nptJOApm4Lc

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GIve the cops guns and then the problems will subside and the perpetrators are killed off and new ones are not willing to die.

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Give these guys guns, 100k tasers, and bear spray. And a pair of balls.

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