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How many niggers are in the world and how long and what would it take to wipe them out?

Fucking stupid wastes of air


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Over a billion, bred, kept alive and expanding the hoards numbers by christcucks. Stop them propping up their pets and there will be a mass die off of niggers and all the rest of christcucks turd world pets.


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leave them alone and they eat's really the brits fault for not exterminating the infestation centuries ago.


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How many niggers are in the world and how long and what would it take to wipe them out?

according to wikipiedia, there are up to 45 urban agglomerations in Africa(excluding Arab countries)

So how hard is take out all of them and how much time does it take?

Well, to answer first question, thanks to technology,not very hard.

Easiest way to take them out for good:

Using R-36M2 Voevoda (NATO name SS-18 SATAN Mod6).

Russia has up to 40 such missiles, each capable of carrying up to 10,750kt warheads.

For example, Little boy, dropped over Hiroshima has blast yield of 15kt, about 50(!) times weaker than warhead 'Satan' can carry. So, without doing much math and assume that 2 750kt warhead can fuck up entire Urban area and niggers inside for good, just one R-36 can fuck up at least 5 big urban areas full of niggers.

So how many R-36 is do we need to fuck up entire Africa? Well, due to treaties and missile defense forces western Countries have (and nigger countries don't) R-36 carries only 10 warheads, wile technically is capable of carrying up to 20 warheads with blast yield of 500kt,but anyway if we assume it only carries 10 750kt warheads, one can fuck up to 5 (most likely more) big urban areas, to wipe out all 45 nigger urban centers,we will need 'only' 10-15 (depending on distances and warhead limitations), roughly 1/3 of Russian R-36s. (and probably 1/10 or less of Russian nuclear forces).

So, second question, how long does it take ? Well, if I remember correctly, Russian ballistic missiles need up to 20 minute to reach USA from Siberia, so probably no longer than 30 minutes for R-36 to reach from Dombarovsky Air Base to Whatever shithole country they are taking out.

after that 30 minutes, all nigger big city ares are fucking gone, strategic bombers armed with 20-25 1 megaton nuclear bombs,flying from their home bases can take care of whatever the fuck is left from niggers(Russia and USA have combines over 200-250 bombers capable of carrying such bombs).

So, to say roughly, if Putin or Trump (or preferably,both) decided to wipe out entire African nigger countries, entire operation would take no more than 10 hours or 1-1.5 hours after first missiles were launched.

Hardest part is slaughtering niggers living outside of niggerlands, but I am sure, Armies of western countries can get it done less than day or two (it not like they are hard to find or something). (probably way sooner if 'shot on sight' is on menu)

So my conclusion is... however much niggers are out there is not important, most of them can be slaughtered in under a day and rest,at worst case, in a week.


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we need more co2