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Sen. Rand Paul Calls for Defunding

Yes please

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Black population gon explode

[–] Longstride77 3 points 13 points (+16|-3) ago 

I can't wait for this man to be president.

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i think its looking more and more likely....hes got this, just stay the course rand

[–] Leg0z 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

He would be good. Given a chance, I would vote for him. But he's pretty weak on immigration. If the white race, and by extension America has any chance to survive we must elect multiple Presidents who are very hard line on building the wall AND deporting them all. No amnesty. No streamlined path to citizenship. No more birthright citizenship. Trump must be only the beginning.

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Hes not Ron tho.

[–] Mimar 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

I use to be like you on this subject. Then I looked at their numbers and how / who started Planned Parenthood. Now I'm just sitting here going it might actually be a service I can get behind. I'm not a socialist, I hate those fuckers, but hey they've been killing niggers with my tax dollars for almost a century.

Call me a racist long enough and I'll show you what real racism is.

[–] VetGoat84 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

I think the farm equipment will find a way to kill their babies without being funded. they still find ways to kill themselves by scores in the cities with the harshest gun laws.

like the argument from the liberals that if you outlaw abortions then it will open up a black market for back ally abortions. GOOD. GREAT! GRAND!! I will always find it amusing how sub-human nonwhites will find new and interesting ways to kill themselves. :D

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Yes, please allow more criminals to emerge. Planned parent hood needs to be fixed not defunded.

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if it werent for planned parenthood we'd be swimming in niggers.

no thank you

[–] uvulectomy 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Nah, they'd just go "get it took curr uhv" by Trayvontious down the block, who would use some rusty nigger-rigged toolkit, and the sheboon would die of infection a few days or weeks later. Double-win.

[–] issueninja 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Solution: End abortion; Also end welfare; And criminalize shoplifting again. And offer free one-way tickets to Liberia.

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would that mean that they are drowning in niggers, because as we all know, they cannot swim.

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Let it happen and then we can address the problem properly

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And how would that happen? You think the average person is going to do anything drastic? No

[–] OhRutherfordBehave 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Ya man! We want all the negros to keep all their children and have 8 instead of 3!! Ya!!

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Defund parasites PERIOD. You can't manage to make it without a government program, you NEED TO DIE. Try taking one for the TEAM for once parasites!!! It's not you we should be celebrating. Our resources are BETTER used on SUCCESSFUL people.

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It was put in place to help poor people get off of the street. I think the concept of it is good, but we should punish the people who abuse it.

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Why? 70 percent of nigger babies are aborted annually using this service

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Very bad idea. Nig nogs use abortion as birth control. More niggers is a bad thing.

[–] RemoteViewer1 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Ewwww theDNC dead baby fuckers and eaters club will be very angry at this

[–] whatisbestinlife 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

this title should read "REPUBLICANS block Sen. Rand Paul's call to defund Planned Parenthood."

[–] issueninja 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Female RINO's blocked it (but that was probably just Paul Ryan's plan all along).

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