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tldr: we dont like the electoral college so like the children we are we'll call a legitimate win un-democratic.

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they are just.partisan hacks.who.will twist the narrative however they want.to.benefit their.own.greed.


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https://archive.fo/fRsj5 :

Neil Gorsuch is the most illegitimate member of the Supreme Court in U.S. history – ThinkProgress

'There’s never been a member of the Supreme Court like Neil Gorsuch. '

'There are a bevy of tactics — stripping the Court’s power to hear certain cases, court-packing, open defiance of Supreme Court decisions — which Democrats could deploy against a rogue Supreme Court. '

'That’s not to say that the Supreme Court was an especially democratic institution during this period. '

'Wealthy businessmen may literally gain the right to buy seats on their state’s supreme court. '

'There’s been no shortage of Harvard grads on the Supreme Court. '

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You don't downvoat the messenger, when it's not a personal opinion of the submitter. You may not like the story, but if you clicked the link, then you upvoat the person who provided something you were interested enough in to view. That's how it works, 20-Downvoaters. There's a shit-ton of links to items that I do not agree with, do not like, can be offended by, but if they piqued my interested, informed me, provided me with fodder, etc, it gets an upvoat. If you downvoat everything that's a negative thing, in your opinion, then nearly everything in News would be nothing but negative voats. You don't punish the messenger who is simply bringing you an item that is not directly their opinion.