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1940-1980: People didin't lock doors, left their car keys in the ignition over night, murders were exceptionally rare.

1990: Mass immigration from mainly somalia and the middle east.

1991-2018: Rape capital of the world. Hand grenade attacks against civilians and police stations. Everything not nailed down = stolen. Invaders mowing down children with trucks in the heart of the capital.


Everyone knows who made Sweden into a fucking shithole where ordinary people are afraid to go outside. Sweden got an upcoming election within a month, and the old traitorous parties are worried that the up and coming alternatives that are for repatriation will steal too many votes.

So here we are, breadcrumbs on state television since they have no choice at this point.

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It's obviously because the white man is harassing them and making them do it.. right?!? right/?!

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It would be so nice to live in an all white area where crime is almost non exsistant. So rarely do you get to experience these things. People that got it really underestimate how nice it is till they give it up. It’s the closest thing you can have to a utopia

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Everyone knows who made Sweden into a fucking shithole

Actually no, they point their fingers at this or that and miss that it's jews.

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Poorly formulated by me, but I meant the who commits all of these crimes.

You are correct that jews are the ones orchestrating it though. It was hard for me to understand why they did it at first, not so much after realizing we are several millenia old enemies.

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this is what Sweden wanted and wants

the faster Sweden falls the sooner rest of Europe wakes up.

Sweden or France, one of this has to be gone for the rest to take proper notice.

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I still can't get over the latest news reports that more than a hundred cars were set on fire by valuable new members of society ....err sorry....illegal immigrants, and they didn't get charged for their crimes, only 'reprimanded' by police.

What the actual fuck? Why is the Swedish society so suicidal?


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Ideological subversion - Demoralization, Destabilization, Insurgency, Normalization

The swede has lost all type of 'survival instinct'... Sad to say.

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Under 18's are treated differently by the legal system, it's common in many countries. These laws were made in a time before mass-immigration when the offenders weren't burning cars, but maybe 14 yo's who were shoplifting.

Obviously it takes a while to update the laws, especially when you don't want to even admit there is a problem.

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Did... did they not know?

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Well, somehow they know, but they don't really want to know.

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"You're supposed to control the population, not inform it!!!"

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Deal with it you Swedish mouth breathing donkeys . The Mussie illegals RAPE. The worship Moo Ham Mada pedophile mess eye ah

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Fuck the left's feelings.

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Wow. The outrage. MSM "influencing public elections" by reporting facts everyone already should know if they had a truly free press not run by an outrage mob and PC police. Dear lord.

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Even the sheep are going to realize at some point that "Hey, we're not allowed to criticize anyone brown anymore; this is dumb!"

Especially when you see it with your own eyes and realize everyone brown isn't a saint like the media portrays them to be.

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