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When this story first was reported, that juicy detail about the mudshark was missing... when will race traitors learn?

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Race traitor will learn once we brutalize them because thats the only language that will pass that even those sub human women will understand, a few impalements and social order will quickly appear.

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Agreed! If you see them in public shame them!! I cant stand race traitors almost as much as the niggers they associate with.

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Unmarried women hold no loyalty. It's a known phenomenon.

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Shave their heads in a public square...oh wait that is no longer shameful for women. hmm any ideas for a modern equivilent? Melt skin off so cannot use touchscreen devices, idk work with me here...

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My guess is never

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We need a new Hitler.

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They will never learn...just look at junkies, for example: they know what's going to happen when they try their drug of choice yet they do it anyway!

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Somehow race is never a relevant detail unless it can be used to demonize Whites or portray a shitbeast as a victim.

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The 25 year old bank teller is a mother of an 8 year old. Having a baby at 17 is a pretty good indication of what kind of person she is. Her current boyfriend is another.

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Nothing wrong with being a mom young, its fucking a nigger that is a problem.

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It fucking is when there is no reliable husband!

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Loose morals, stupidity, and not choosing a good mate lead to 17 year old single mothers, and they raise predominantly violent or mentally unstable children with no male role model/father.

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Its ok if you have a willing and healthy network of trusted family members to support them. Something that isnt so common theses days

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Only an idiot would commit this kind of crime.

Even if it worked (and you didn't use such incompetent monkeys), of course it's going to get traced back to you. And now you've lost your job at a fucking bank.

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They don't know shit about cryptography and how the police has access to SMS and phone records. It must be hard being a low-iq criminal nowadays...

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I knew it had to be an inside job. A random nig-nog might try to rob you for a few bucks, but those fuckers were trying way too hard for just a random purse/bag. They knew what was in that bag. I hope this bitch gets convicted.

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Torture is what the cunt deserves.

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oh she will. and she can have all the black meat in the pen she can stand. whether she wants it or not.

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Wyse, a mother to an eight-year-old daughter, was ordered to remain in jail on a $75,000 bond... Shelby Wyse, 25, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery on Tuesday for her alleged part in a brazen daytime attack on a woman carrying $75,000 in Houston.

A judge with either a sense of humor some ideas about justice.

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I had the crazy thought maybe some thug was in line at the bank while they counted it out 100, 200, 300...75,000. Surely in a case like that you'd sit at a desk with a personal banker, for a little bit more privacy.

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I'm not giving the benefit of doubt to the bank teller that tipped of her boyfriend.

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I laughed out loud.

Coal burning slut.


Burn the coal……….

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yea i spit out my milk.....trayvon wasnt enough

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... pay the toll.

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I'm all for suing the bank, honestly. Companies get sued for all kinds of shit that their employees do. Might as well teach a lesson: hire a degenerate, expect to pay through the nose.

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Would go nowhere. Don't want to get taken for $75,000? Don't be a fucking retard carrying $75,000 in cash. Because if you do you are a stupid nigger or a coal burner.

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I have said it before...Call your cable company and ask for "The Death Sentence Channel"...24/7 Criminals meet their maker.

I'd subscribe..just to show kids what happens when you kill another person for money

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i knew it had to be an inside job---looked too easy.this nigger fucking cunt should be put away for a very long time with her 2 shit-shin nigs.i keep saying it never ends well with nigs involved. POS whore is her kid peanut butter color?

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its texas so i know there is a lot of oil money, i wonder what that lady does for a living to be taking out that much cash.

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Shit bank for sure. Moron client.

When you have an account with that much in it, the banks move you to personal bankers, withdrawals aren't done by tellers in the open. It's usually someone the bank has for just these instances.

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"Court documents state that security footage captures Wyse watching the woman while she conducted her business at the bank."

sounds like she was watching as the lady worked with someone else. pretty sure tellers cant just hand out 75k, that amount of cash requires extra paper work and would be pushed up to a personal banker/manager position.

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This is as brutal as it is pathetic. Hilarious how two niggers couldn't get the bag out of the woman's hands and both had their fucking pants falling down.

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If there's one thing that's good about niggers' maliciousness, it's their equal level of stupidity. If they were as smart as they were evil, they'd give the kikes a run for their shekels.

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yea that woman is a trooper, i really pray for her full recovery and i hope she sues everybody, the bank included.

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