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As a person who just moved to an area with less niggers....it's a whole lot better.

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Which is exactly why the SA situation needs to be spread far and wide in the news, not buried.

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As a young nigger finishing up college and looking for future employment.. this worries me, but fuck it.

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Nah. We have guns. And know how to ise them. It is ingrained into our culture and cannot be removed.

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This comment is exactly what the man was prosecuted for. He'll lose his job and livelihood, his family fragmented, children adrift, and theres a better than average chance he will be murdered in the penitentiary....for saying something publicly equivalent to this comment.

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I don't view nigger as a term to describe color or race. Also it's a word. It only has the power you give it.

Only dumb niggers hate the word nigger.

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Even his kids' school has attacked him and told him he may not come on the grounds. Also, companies that were doing business with his company have axed the contracts.

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It IS bliss, isn't it?

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no niggers

In invasion year 3, how?

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They don't visit the beach because :

a) they cannot swim b) they are bad for business since locals don't go where immigrants do c) the only black tourists right now in Greece are "French" and they do not swim either

Information is current, i island hopped for 2 weeks and only got back at Sunday night .

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Well... they temporarily visit the beach when their shitty Israeli owned boats drop them off like cockroaches

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https://imgoat.com/uploads/00da03b685/138737.jpg This is what beaches in SA look like post 1994

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Sheer number of beaches. Greece has more beachfront than all the rest of Europe. Not really but almost

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Only if you don't count the UK as part of Europe.

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Greece has hundreds of islands and the refugees only stop at the ones they land on long enough to secure passage to Germany, etc.

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Sure, but there is yuge backlog there.

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The sad part about this entire race issue is this... everybody knows that black people cauze their own problems yet everybody acts like they dont... but i am going to admit something, therr is a small percentage of blacks that probably truly did get fucked over by some rscist asshole who didnt give them a job or give them a loan what ever at the same time a much bigger percentage these days get handed oppritunities and they totaly fuck it up... free collge, easier college admissions first time homeowner loans, minority loans.. the list is longer but with any of those things an asian or a whitd would have excelled beyond what they would have done with out that help.. what am i saying! They would have done just fine with out help lol.

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And who is being forced, through taxation to pay for all the free gibs these niggers are getting?

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I know.. i watched louder with crowder and he was talking about free health care in canada.. its a fucking myth their sales tax is almost 12 percent sometimes 15 percent. Their income taxes and other taxes are high as well. Basicaly poor people their get fucked over hard. Yes its my taxes paying for all kinds of gibs and i dont like it. I keep hearing this number that half of americans pay the taxes and half basicaly pay no taxes.. wtf if that is accurate.

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The sad part about this entire race issue is this... everybody knows that black people cauze their own problems yet everybody acts like they dont

No. A whole generation has been brainwashed to believe that their problems are entirely due to whites.

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On the subject of taxes and gibs.

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Niggers are really insecure.

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Impossible, the left and their media are constantly insisting that racism = power + privelige - a racial minority in a country cannot be racist towards the majority that holds all the power. They said so! Oh, but they're absolute hypocrites whose only real agenda is White genocide, all over the world. Expel all blacks to Africa and deal with oyr muslim problem then deport all jews, only then can we live in peace

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Once you get rid of the Kikes, everything is on easy mode. Start with them.

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The few govern the many.

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So, who in his circle of online "friends" ratted him out?

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We're in the modern, and wider reaching, version of the Salem witch trials. People are so collectively paranoid of the political monster attacking them (disenfranchising them and their families through unemployment or jail) that they are turning on their neighbors in order to maintain their "good" standing. "See everyone? I'm on your side."

The psychology is really very similar at its core. It's all about in-group and out-group dynamics, and self-preservation. It's getting out of control.

This story in particular highlights just how out of control it really is. We aren't talking about any kind of behavior that was directly felt as a physical damage (crime) to a black individual or group. We are talking about a THOUGHT. This man is literally being prosecuted for having a thought. Consider this for a moment with respect to witchcraft accusations. The witch trials were very much effected by politics. Anyone who deviated from the narrative or dictates of those in power could be accused of being in league with satan. After all they aren't doing what everyone else is doing! They must not be God's people. Therefore, they are the devil's. You have to imagine that at the beginning things were slightly less irrational right? Finding a pentagram with lit candles in the dead of night with a young girl in it is one thing. But we also have to face the fact that as the whole thing progressed, it got to be simply saying things, or thinking things, that seemed to offend anybody in the greater flock.

Pretty soon nobody trusts anyone else, because even those close to you could turn on you instantly when the monster is this fickle. You break down a society on paranoia and constant fear of loss. When you are of the understanding that you could lose EVERYTHING (possibly a life's work and toil) instantly for expressing a thought, you experience an ongoing stress that breaks down social cohesion. Pretty soon, you stop having any honest conversations with your neighbors, and eventually even loved ones (if it goes far enough). The thought of expressing something honest, which are often less politically correct truths, becomes frightening. But how much does the cohesiveness of a group or society rely on people having honest and communicative connection? The isolation this kind of thing breeds is exactly what fuels the fire and causes it to spread.

The problem is obviously the wildly irrational paradigm that someone should be dismissed and their lives destroyed for a comment. That a racist comment is enough to destroy someone's ENTIRE character and delegitimize everything they've ever done or own. It's irrationality that mirrors the witch trials in a frightening way. Combined with the anti-white rhetoric that seems to have set in comfortably and persevered with permission from the powers that be, we've got a dynamic being established that could get really bad.

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Spot on

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i think it was his own brother

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Geezus... No loyalty for blood in so many family these days, is there?

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It's like living under a tyrant. Why can't we say these things? "It antagonizes the blacks and promotes violence!" White people don't riot if you call them racist things. "Racissssssssssssss!" Fucking clown world dude how the fuck did this happen. inb4 jew

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