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The Czech Republic is really nice too and I noticed that there were a heck of a lot of American and European tourists there. I guess everyone is getting smart and going to visit the old Soviet republics and staying away from the sewers in France, UK and Germany.

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Poland has done well. They have done what all white nations should have done.

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God bless Poland!

I am very proud!

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As a side note, anyone who wants to visit Europe on a budget should seriously consider Eastern Europe. Poland is cheap, and it has everything western Europe has -- if you want history, there are tons of castles, some of which are free; if you want parties, there are great clubs and bars that are 1/3rd the price of those in England/France/Germany; if you want somewhere good for kids, there are tons of playgrounds; if you want good food... yeah, OK, they kind of dropped the ball on that one.

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Wait a minute, are you talking about Poland or the Netherlands? Poland has a lot of great food; every corner shop minimarket is like an organic farmers market...