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And that's the last we'll be hearing about this story.

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I don't think so, at least not in Iowa. This was a very big deal in the whole state and at the very least a huge amount of redpills will be taken today.

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Fuck... I thought I was the only Iowan here...

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even people in California have been posting about this on facebook?

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Isn’t iowa already rightwing

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Yup. Down the memory hole it goes, just like Kate and the muslim mass shooting training compound. The narrative must be preserved at all costs.

Then they wonder why we formed our own news sites. SMDH

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Yea I was wondering why (((abc world news))) was all over this and after like a week of msm silence I read this shit... that poor family :(

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LOL came to say the same

[–] White_pride_cis 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

I came to say the same as well

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I want to know who in the fuck this spic worked for. Brooklyn is the size of 3 intersections so someone had to know this fuck

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im guessing his is from the nearby town called Montezuma, IA. Her body was found closer to that town than it was Brooklyn, IA. Also the fucking mexican names.

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Is there a meat packing-processing plant in that area employing illegals?

If he is employed by some operation that is knowingly responsible for this murderer even being in the area, then they should be held accountable as well.

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Apparently he knew her. This wasn't some random, didn't plan for it, event.

He knew her, he wanted her, she told him to fuck off.

I'm pretty sure we'll hear that he raped her.

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He's working for the cartel. Dude was clean cut, dressed nicely, nice haircut, posted pictures of his arsenal on social media, things just keep adding up with him. Let's see what kind of car he drove...

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Didn’t they say it was like a black Malibu?

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is there a dairy farm in the area?

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Dairy farms aren’t really that big in eastern Iowa. Lots of hog and beef farms

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She twatted about hating white people, so I kinda don't care about this.

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Yes fuck this stupid cunt. I just hope this further red pills the masses.

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I know right, it's ironic (for her) that her death at the hands of a spic will help wake whitey up. best possible outcome.

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She twatted about hating white people...

How does she feel about diversity, now? I bet her opinion has cooled, like her body.

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For real? Proof?

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Probably why only her story, out of 26 other missing people under the age of 21 in Iowa alone that same week, became national news. They were hoping for a cis white male MAGA killer.

It's almost poetic.

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The benefits of "diversity" folks. I'm sure he enriched her a couple of times before he killed her.

Someone should put together a dossier on all the people who have been killed, raped, molested or grievously harmed by 'dreamers'. No MSM outlets would touch it but you could circulate it via social media before you get banned.

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Well good. I guess she died doing what she loved.

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Roastie Status: Toasted

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Now that I know that, if I was on the jury I'd probably go with a not guilty verdict.

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Ah, good. She was a traitor in life and can be a martyr in death. Seldom does one so undeserving achieve that noble fate.

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Let me guess, crickets right? The jew will be back tomorrow and forget he was ever proven wrong.

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lol dirty leftist and 'enlightened centrist liberalismist' BTFO.

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To be fair, if I had to bet money, I would have bet a white guy killed her, being Iowa. I'd do it again.

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all part of the white genocide program

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So sad that young scientist/doctor will never get to contribute to society after having his lack of privilege force him to commit murder.

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Maybe Cal Tech will let him take online classes in prison.

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here is the arrest warrant with a few more details about the event.

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It reads as though this must have happened right there on the side of the road.

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