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None of the charges in either of these cases relate to his work with the 2016 Trump campaign, but the trials represent the first major public hearing of the findings of the Mueller investigation, which officially was charged with investigating “collusion” with the Russian government by that campaign.

Imagine if you had reading comprehension!


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Just now on Fox News Jonathan Turley (one of your guys) just stated that Trump just became an unindicted co conspirator in this case.

*Unless Cohen was talking about Bernie Sanders. :)

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Keep shilling harder, there is literally nothing connecting any of manaforts crimes to Trump.

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You know, part of me hopes you are right. I think this country is past the point of peaceful reconciliation. Nationalists and globalists need to have it out and the winner exterminates the loser. You cool with that comrade?


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No, we will conclude that our Republic is completely compromised and take the next logical step.