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wow the trial only ended up costing $3 million per guilty count.



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And there's your proof that you are not innocent until proven guilty regardless of what lawyers, case law, etc try to tell you. The jurors couldn't agree on a verdict on 10 counts so it's a mistrial which means it can be tried again. Literally must be unanimous on guilt or innocence.



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honestly, im surprised they mistrialed on so many and didnt get him on all charges. im not an accountant but did take some undgrad and graduate tax courses so i know a little, and everyone i know who isnt strictly a 9-5 wage earner has screwed up their taxes in some way or another, intentionally or otherwise. and these things often leave a paper trail that could secure a conviction. and often a lack of a paper trail will get you in trouble, because you cant prove your innocence. thats our justice system post-1913

its never a matter of if the authorities can get you on something tax related, its always a matter of if they feel like pursuing it


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How is this bad for Trump, and/or good for the left?


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Those crimes were committed ten years ago. Mueller could've prosecuted him then. But he didn't.


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It sends a message to anyone planning on working in the campaign for an anti-establishment candidate, that you better have a spotless record, because they will find something to get you for. Other than that it makes no difference, manafort was always expendible.


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It's not really about getting at Trump, so much as pushing the court case through in time for the mid-terms. They hope to make an association between Manafort's crimes(which had buttfuck nothing to do with Trump or the campaign) with Trump and by extension the entire Republican party. They want to try and make the blue wave into something besides a wave of liberal tears.

Obviously, nobody with an IQ above 70, left or right-leaning, will really buy into this shit, so they may in fact drive Republican votes up rather than down.


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Ultimately, this is all that's going to come out of the whole Mueller thing. They can't prove collusion with a foreign power, but they can take down a couple corrupt businessmen.

The whole point was to stir up the media, though, and spread FUD about Trump, and it's been very successful at that.