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Someone had to start the clean up.

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Hope is not dead.

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Good. Fuck Islam, Turkey, and the Grey Wolves. Get your parallel societies out of the West, Moslems.

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not sure wgy this doesnt have more up voats...fuck those mother fuckers

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Which specific mother fuckers do you mean?

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turkey is not very pleased about this and has threatened to flood the North with even more roaches if Austria (land of a heros birth) doesn't go full canada for islam.

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If Austria holds firm, more nations will follow her lead.

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Not enough. Close them all down and deport anyone that complains. Political Islam is a redundant statement as Islam is inherently political.

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Seems like that's kind of the point. It just allows them to say that they are doing it to preserve separation of church and state.

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Deport all Muslims if you're smart

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https://archive.fo/feWtY :

Austria to close seven mosques and deport imams in crackdown on ‘political Islam’ | The Independent

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Bulldoze every mosques

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