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This should be the number one comment in this thread. The title is basically fake news at this point.


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If farmers' land is expropriated, under current legislation and regulations they will still be liable for debt they incurred, says Mr. Dawie Maree, Head of Marketing and Information at FNB's Agriculture Department.

According to Maree, like many other stakeholders, banks want clarification as to how the state intends to apply expropriation without compensation. "Current credit legislation and regulations stipulate that when you sign for a loan, you remain responsible for that loan. In many cases, farmers in their personal capacity go on loans, which means farmers will still be responsible for that debt. "

He's not saying this is bad or needs to be changed. He's saying he wants this specifically clarified and codified into law. His only worry appears to be that the farmers would stop paying after the government steals their land.