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Can't pay back shit after murdered on your own farm....

Can't even auction the land right now. Stop paying, cash in one last harvest, scorch the earth and go to another country.

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Don't forget to sabotage all the equipment and burn your farmhouse to the ground also.

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Waste of time. They won't make use of the farms anyway, and they'll be begging for aid in a year or two.

[–] HeavyBrain 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

You dont need to, they scrap the equipment the moment they set foot into the barn, as we learned from Lord of war those fuckers turn into cyborgs where scraping is concorned.

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Yes proceed to make a shithole which they'll do anyways.

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Dynamite the well.

[–] novictim 1 points 18 points (+19|-1) ago 

I cannot believe that you would be willing to trash your credit score over this!

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A (((credit score))) is only useful when you want to live above your means and want to pay interests for your lack of will to save up for what you think you need in life but most probably don't.

Need a car ? Buy a used one cash

Need a house ? Buy a lot cash & build it yourself.

The true problem is people wanting to flash with fancy things they don't need to be happy.

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Say, you're facing WW3 while everything burns and you're still fucking worried about shit like FICO when the house market is so expensive you can't hope to buy in until the next collapse either way? Now your only to options are to 1. Buy it anyway, get underwater before you do, pretend you are as solvent as you were in 2017 and deny the war crimes and let it be taken through forfeiture via your debts acting shocked as it all gets snatched via promissory note. 2. Go Bankrupt, embrace the default and sit out your only adult opportunity to own your own home 3. Fuck it all, have a war and buy after all is settled - hoping the people who are out to fuck you over hit their graves of natural causes while the fighting goes on for the next decade, leaving you the freedom to live free and clear and leave something for future generations

Notice how run from your nation like a coward or get it over with and kill the enemy and go to prison aren't on the list, fucker. This is all a hypothetical fake scenario to see what you will do if the power is in your control.

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Found the Kike.


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Salt the earth

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In five years when there's famine in South Africa, everyone is going to claim it's because those evil white people destroyed the farmland.

Of course, I suppose they'll say that whether you actually destroy it or not.

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Fuck yeah, take the money for payments and get a pallet of Roundup. Not that the idiots taking over could grow shit anyways, but I like to be sure.

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Roundup? A ton of salt will run you about $250. Take it up in a crop plane and salt the earth.