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But if the currency implodes, how will they pay off the loans? I guess if it's a fixed rate(I highly doubt it), it may work in the farmer's favor. This sounds like kicking people while their down honestly

[–] CognitiveDissident5 [S] 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Did you ever hear that famous nigger quote attributed to Zuma? He said something along the lines of "we don't care if the exchange rate turns to shit because we pay for everything in rands". That is the mindset we are dealing with.

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Asset forfeiture is the name of the game. The banks know the farmers wont be able to pay, so some kike somewhere will get to own all the property in the surrounding area. Then state of emergency is declared, a junta is created, and the bantus are slaughtered wholesale. Entire ordeal is blamed on white people who don't live there anymore, and the entire country gets sold off to asians and foreign speculators. See Canada and San Francisco for the play by play of how this works out

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It would make sense if they were completely self sufficient and had no imports or exports. As it is...

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Very good point. After the inevitable million-percent annual hyperinflation that is coming to SA, $5USD will repay even a loan for 20,000 acres of land.

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Banks don't want the loans paid. They want the debt to be good so they can carve up South Africa once the dust settles.

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Are you so stupid to think these people are going to pay a fucking dime out on this? Your strategy would have worked prior to things like bankruptcy and I do not give a single fuck as to what the chapter 7 equivalent is over there in a foreign world.

All this means to us bean counters is that we are seeing a strategic global default. 2008 crisis 2.0 like we predicted.

After the great depression, we had WW2 and history tends to repeat itself.

The rich people after the depression kept their ill gotten gains and were dubbed Nazis and started a war to keep their money, which the Jews tried to earn using an honest mans' labor.

So that means all you rich folk are gonna get nuked so keep on suing us, fucker - you cannot collect a judgement from a mass war grave you anti semitic, satanic pos.

See how the masses will rise up against you deprived of things like housing, land, power, and water. Here is your crown, King Nothing - wear it like a cloak.

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lol this is bait right? literally the kikes were the ones who tried to use their ill gotten gains all over the world to consolidate their control by buying up tons of land in germany, the rest of the country was in shambles from WW1 and no one could afford any land or homes and the kikes were using their internation connections to bring outside money into the country and buy up property for pennies on the dollar, the nazis rise to power and the subsequent internment of the kikes was all a result of the jews trying to fuck over the german people. dont get it twisted faggot, they kikes have pulled the same tricks for 2000 years, thats why they have been kicked out of 100+ countries....