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And how exactly are they going to accomplish this? (He probably answered but I can't read Dutch).

The motivation to make payments is them taking your stuff if you don't. If you already took my stuff, I ain't giving you shit. Well I might mail them a bag of turds and laugh.

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Can't pay back shit after murdered on your own farm....

Can't even auction the land right now. Stop paying, cash in one last harvest, scorch the earth and go to another country.

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Don't forget to sabotage all the equipment and burn your farmhouse to the ground also.

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I cannot believe that you would be willing to trash your credit score over this!

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Salt the earth

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Fuck yeah, take the money for payments and get a pallet of Roundup. Not that the idiots taking over could grow shit anyways, but I like to be sure.

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Ran it through a translator.

They have no idea either. The banks are basically saying that under the current law the former owners would be responsible, and asking the government to clarify how the loans would be repaid if the land was taken without compensation.

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Dindus don't care for or understand anything loans. They just gib me dat landz

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This should be the number one comment in this thread. The title is basically fake news at this point.

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Of course they will only default on said debts. Cannot squeeze blood from a stone or expect said stone to travel without being thrown.

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The jews did the same exact shit to christians during the muslim invasions in the middle ages. Its how they steal.

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The problem is that many farmers took loans out on land and used other property (eg a house or apartment in a town) as surety for the loan. So not only will they lose the farm and everything on it, but any other assets they hold too (when those loans are defaulted on).

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They need to wake up and see that once they get the land, they go after the money, then they'll go after the assets. Greed and idiocy know no bounds. Any whites still there need to start slotting floppies or get out of Dodge. I wouldn't want to bail on my land either, but there's such a thing as a strategic retreat to rebuild so it can be retaken at a later time.

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I guess they are sending the clear message then that the whites need to stand their ground and fight, no easier way out of this.

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Then sell the house in town and leave the country without a forwarding address.

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shoot the niggers tryign to take your land, shoot the kikes who made the loans, pretty much kill the niggers and kikes and SA will be fine

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Fuck them. I hope they mail them anthrax.

Tell the libeerals we've think they're right. Redistribution of liberal wealth makes sense.

Redistribute Hollywood wealth.

Redistribute Silicon Valley wealth.

Redistribute the media executives wealth.

Redistribute Bezos wealth.

Redistribute Gates wealth.

[–] WickedVocalist 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago 

You're an idiot. If you redistribute their wealth you will only inadvertently give it right back to them and their many business shells designed for just such a ruse.

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Do have brain damage or something?? Are you too stupid to grasp the point? Of course you are.

You fucknuts never stop demonstrating a complete inability to think.

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Jews gotta jew, but give the jew his minimum coin and interest be damned... as it will be shortly worthless.

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What a great way to create unproductive farms and bad debt at the same time. Sounds like a perfect plan to return South Africa to the standard African condition.

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It's the Zimbabwe plan. All I can hope is that one of the based countries gives the white natives refuge and no one sends food aid once the inevitable famine happens. Let them starve and then take back the again-empty land. Fertilize the fields with the starved corpses.

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the year after zimbabwe stole the farmers land, they all went to zambia, that year zambia had the largest wheat harvest in its history.....i seriously hopes that happens again

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Burn the diseased dead bodies.

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OMFG, does this mean Ethiopans are starving while their royals come to the US and have weddings with 800 guests?

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Indeed. It takes a special kind of stupid to create an economic collapse and mass starvation with a single law unrelated to money or food. I frankly admire the creativity. This goes on my short list of things more foolish than communism.

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Redistribution of land is usually a communist principle.

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Every damn day I start hating niggers a little more.

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Niggers don't own banks are incapable to staging any kind of insurrection or coup without (((help))).

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i hate niggers more than you do but i guess i started earlier

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But if the currency implodes, how will they pay off the loans? I guess if it's a fixed rate(I highly doubt it), it may work in the farmer's favor. This sounds like kicking people while their down honestly

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Did you ever hear that famous nigger quote attributed to Zuma? He said something along the lines of "we don't care if the exchange rate turns to shit because we pay for everything in rands". That is the mindset we are dealing with.

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Asset forfeiture is the name of the game. The banks know the farmers wont be able to pay, so some kike somewhere will get to own all the property in the surrounding area. Then state of emergency is declared, a junta is created, and the bantus are slaughtered wholesale. Entire ordeal is blamed on white people who don't live there anymore, and the entire country gets sold off to asians and foreign speculators. See Canada and San Francisco for the play by play of how this works out

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It would make sense if they were completely self sufficient and had no imports or exports. As it is...

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Very good point. After the inevitable million-percent annual hyperinflation that is coming to SA, $5USD will repay even a loan for 20,000 acres of land.

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Banks don't want the loans paid. They want the debt to be good so they can carve up South Africa once the dust settles.

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Metaphorically speaking, you cannot get blood from a stone, but you certainly can get lead

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Can't the boer win by Christmas by simply not paying any of their loans? The banks either coerce the government to fix this, or they go bankrupt and South Africa becomes an economic wasteland.

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they go bankrupt and South Africa becomes an economic wasteland.

You're getting 'warmer'..

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