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Could be a disgruntled employee. Either way, stop giving your babies ghetto names if you want them to succeed under their own will. Stop with the tribal Afrikan pride thing.


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What are you talking about? Klamidia Shitbrayne is a perfectly valid name, you racist.


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  • Shithead ("It's pronounced sha-THEED! *head bob*")
  • La-a ("Da dash don't be silent, yo!")
  • Airwrecka
  • Quindarious Gooch
  • Peace Eshiet


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Username checks out.


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No, let them keep branding themselves with an obvious warning for all civilized peoples to recognize.


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Most modern black names I've seen appear to be just phonetic vomit as if someone puked up a bowl of Alpha-Bits. If there was legitimate, discernible homage to ancestral heritage or family I'd get it and even find it respectable. But it's just faux grandiose-sounding bullshit trying to stake a claim to prestige and respect rather than teach their child how to earn it.

Some names from my local paper's arrest gallery:

  • Markytta
  • D'Marcus (this one's got to be Roman)
  • Zakeira
  • Tanisha
  • Jaekwon Shemar
  • Ermaine Undrell
  • Devonquez
  • Marquis
  • Joeron
  • Keondre
  • Shonqueze
  • Lequinton
  • Tawaine
  • Jondarrean
  • Daidrea
  • Donarian
  • Alcornelius
  • Kemith
  • Fredicious
  • Teketrion
  • Javonda
  • Lezedrick
  • Quadarrius
  • Dangela
  • Rickel
  • Lajimmy
  • Deramius
  • Cadarius


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I would automatically throw all of those resumes into the garbage, it would be easy to explain in court too, simply say "Resumes written in Crayon are automatically disqualified."


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Marquis is a real name... If you're French.


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It is not, it's a nobility title and you'd probably get relentlessly bullied for being named that.

Source: native french


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You forgot to include this one.


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I saw a crime show where the murders were twin brothers named donte and Dante (pronounced d-ant- ay)


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If I was one of them I'd probably kill someone too.


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These names exist to place these people outside of society. They are anti-social names. Anyone with such a name comes from a family who is racist and anti-American and anti-white culture. There is nothing wrong excluding these people from society since they have themselves chosen to take a stand against society.


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There's the truth. Society didn't reject you, your mom who named you got you rejected. Because she stood against it.


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Should just do what most companies do. Just say no and add no further comments


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Yeah. It's obvious having sassy black women in customer support will only be detrimental to the company, scaring customers away with their sheboon antics.


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You don’t even have to dignify these worthless applications with a response, at least in Texas...


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If they do not want you most companies do not write you and also do not say ghetto names. This was definitely a former employee.


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Niggers establish horrible reputations for themselves that even "black people" want to distance themselves from, and then they slap unique, ghetto-ass identifiers on their keeids. Instead of acknowledging that niggers are shit and should change (not going to happen), they blame people for noticing and avoiding their shit, because the Jews and white liberals are facilitating this shit.


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As long as the Jew-controlled media continues to encourage blacks to be ghetto trash, and to do the opposite of what whites do, blacks are never going to realize that they are destroying themselves.


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Smells like some fuckery afoot by the perpetual victim class. When it's too outrageous to be true ... and you know the rest.


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Email addresses can be spoofed. When they say "hacking", they might mean that and might not be technical enough to explain that. Don't discount the possibility of an organized scam trying to shakedown the company for gibs and the media for attention and hate on whitey.

Anyway, hacking is often given as a fake and retarded excuse when nothing else gets you out of PR trouble, but another possibility is a disgruntled employee. It's pretty common knowledge that the safest thing is to avoid telling job candidates why they were rejected to avoid the possibility of a lawsuit. If you were to give a response, you certainly wouldn't put "ghetto names" in writing. It seems almost impossible that somebody managing hiring would be this stupid. I'd say one possible explanation here is just a burned out employee writing in whatever random bullshit they really felt like. If this is the case, the company may be going with "hacking" as an excuse because it may remove liability from them if there's a lawsuit. If they went with "an employee wrote those things and was terminated for that" the company might still be viewed as possibly liable.

It will be interesting to see if they ultimately figure out what happened.

By the way, black parents who name their kids LeShaniquanzicious'd and shit like that are certainly special people.


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A male focused health clinic? Why is a fat black chick applying for a job at a male focused health clinic? What in the world compelled her to believe she would be a good fit on just her professional experience alone? A guy walks into a health clinic, sees that obeast behind a counter, and immediately begins to wonder if this place can actually help him when they employ her.

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