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Niggers can make me smile!!!!

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As long as it's negroes shooting negroes I'm not going to complain.

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it wasn't black on black... it was white guys in black masks....😂

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Black lives matter...to white liberals only.

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I wonder what sorts of issues are in question whenever niggers kill other niggers? You know, if we actually HAD a News media, THAT would be a GREAT investigative journalism piece. Too much work for today's journalists to read through MILLIONS (?) of court cases detailing the actual motives used, cataloging and tabulating them into a kick assingly interesting News story! My guess? It's usually monkey business. lol! No I MEAN it! Stupid monkey-ish concerns. Things monkeys ALSO think are important values.

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They have a very emotional response to what you can call a pecking order. Every one of them wants to fight for dominance, but when you have a society with more than 10 people it just turns into constant fighting. You "disrespect" them when you fail to properly acknowledge their status in the hierarchy so they have to reassert it with violence.

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So monkey business then. You're guessing, not knowing though, right?

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I think niggers are basically a violent bunch except in Jamaica.

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Jamaica is probably the most violent. Where did you get the idea that Jamaicans aren't violent?

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They need to work to be able to enjoy ganja.

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weed culture

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do they just go on like normal after this?

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Black on black crime is the true epidemic that black people should be focusing on rather than blaming white people and racism on all their problems. Mentality of a child.

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They would be if the globalists hadn't hijacked the Panthers and gave voices to the stupidest of them. We could have segregated and let them deal with their own shit, but no, the not-racist politicians didn't think the black man could do anything without the white man's help. Welfare subsidizes stupidity, which is why the 40s gave us Thomas Sowell and the present gave us Snoop Dogg.

Malcolm knew we couldn't live together, they knew the black community would listen to him so they shot him.

Can you imagine something like CNN trying to report on a meeting between US president George Rockwell and Wakandan president Malcolm X?

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