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I am really seriously worried about the mental health of this entire nation now.

If you can make supposedly sane people say crazy shit like this, then there is very little you cannot get them to say.

Sober, serious people in this country can be made to SAY, and hence DO, ANYTHING.

This is no longer funny or ridiculous. We are in a very seriously crazy place now where literally ANYTHING can happen.

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They are brainwashing the children.

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It seems as though we had better stop letting other people educate our children. I still haven't come to terms with how i am going to explain to my kids how to manoever through this cess pool of public education while knowing what is really going on.

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Oh yes they sure our. Confusing our innocent precious children. Having their minds corrupted with this mess!

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(((They))) plan their moves generationaly for a reason. Slowly and deliberately. We need to make sure we are responsible for transfering our culture and history down to our kids, but who told us? All i remember from history is "Hitler bad" and "gazzilions of poor jews". Probably as some sort of aegis for their plans for the next generation.

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I just told the guys I'm working with about the term front hole, were laughing

[–] OoklaTheMok111 2 points 18 points (+20|-2) ago 

I just told my wife that I want some hot front hole love and we both started laughing. Wtf

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I blame all the cucks who tolerate lgbt.

Told ya they belong in concentration camp. Your cowardice and your "muh civil liberty human rights" is why we have this mess in the first place.

Should've slaughtered those lgbt activists like cows when you got the chance back then. Instead of tolerating faggots, we should've tolerated radical muslims and get them to behead and throw these degenerates off the roof.

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That slippery slope sure was steep. All in a span of what, 10 years?

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They successfully got our nations to hate the Muslim instead of the Jew.


In the early 1950s, the United States initiated a more activist policy of support for Egyptian nationalism; this was often in contrast with British policies of maintaining its regional hegemony. Israel feared that this policy, which encouraged Britain to withdraw its military forces from the Suez Canal, would embolden Egyptian President Nasser's military ambitions towards Israel. Israel first sought to influence this policy through diplomatic means but was frustrated.[4]

In the summer of 1954 Colonel Binyamin Gibli, the chief of Israel's military intelligence, Aman, initiated Operation Susannah in order to reverse that decision. The goal of the Operation was to carry out bombings and other acts of sabotage in Egypt with the aim of creating an atmosphere in which the British and American opponents of British withdrawal from Egypt would be able to gain the upper hand and block the British withdrawal from Egypt.

According to historian Shabtai Teveth, who wrote one of the more detailed accounts, the assignment was "To undermine Western confidence in the existing [Egyptian] regime by generating public insecurity and actions to bring about arrests, demonstrations, and acts of revenge, while totally concealing the Israeli factor. The team was accordingly urged to avoid detection, so that suspicion would fall on the Muslim Brotherhood, the Communists, 'unspecified malcontents' or 'local nationalists'.

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Right. Point blank, this world is so twisted and corrupt. It's not gonna get any better. Vaginas are women's body parts. There's only male and female. There's no such thing as transg. That's stupid! That's more like trans-confused!! So so sad. Smh.

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Yeah, a medically themed website that gets cagey about whether it's talking about a vagina or a surgically gouged out hole lined with inverted penis-skin. I see not problems arising there.

Congratulations women. You just became second class citizens next to tranny fee fees. Any condition you suffer specifically relating to having a functioning (or malfunctioning) vagina is now medically synonymous with having a persistent open wound that's trying to heal itself and eject necrotic flesh, requiring the never-ending regular insertion of a metal dilation tool.
You now, to all intents and purposes, have a medically defined "Axe Wound" between your legs.

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surgically gouged out hole lined with inverted penis-skin

Aha, that's why they don't want to use the term vagina: it is cis-normative.

Topologically, though, it's not a hole. Humans have only one hole, their anus/mouth.

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Some people have a hole between their ears

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It's more like a sexy divot.

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That’s why they call it a gash.

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Grab em by the front hole.

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I unsarcastically encourage this.

Nobody dumb enough to think this is a good idea deserves to be corrected.

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Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Sun tzu. If we meme the fuck out of this, this may very well wake up the normies a little bit to the insanity of lgbtbbq+-£ agenda. First the lesbos was against trannies, because trannies was trying to claim that they was girls. But in reality lesbians and trannies are an insanely small group of the overall population and that doesn’t have much influence on all women. BUT now you group ALL WOMEN into the lgbtpqrs sex oragan labeling, even the straight ones, they may revolt against their “second class/everyone’s equal” positioning, Essentially losing their pussy pass. This could be a good thing for our cause....

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you're like the Hannibal of memes.

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Huh "corrected" is an odd way to spell "shot".

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"shot" is an surprisingly unenthusiastic way to spell "burned at the stake", the original execution procedure for crimes against nature.

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It sounds like something a child would say in ignorance.

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My two and a half year old can say vagina just fine. You need a masters degree to get to this level of stupidity

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Pretty much.

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this is the best joke in this post so far.

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And it’s been adopted by the crazy-equivalent of ignorant children.

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It says they experience gender dysphoria when they deal with the word vagina? But isn't that exactly what got them into the mess in the first place?? They're fucking mental and need help which does not include body mutilation.

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Or making the rest of us play along with their mental issues.

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That's what you get for giving free passes to degenerate mentally ill perverts.

Remember that lgbtq is a choice and a perversion.

Many idiots here always focus solely on attacking pedos, jews, muslims, niggers all the time while giving lgbtq free passes as if they are not part of the problem. NEVER FORGET that faggots belongs in concentration camps too!

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How can I get everybody to agree with my delusions?

[–] no-hurry-no-pause 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

The deranged fags arent those who are forcing people to play along or risk sudden career end.


Leftists are using fags, trans and other degenrates as tools to attack normal people.

NEVER confuse the puppets for the puppet masters.

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Can't we just call them A and B? Then we can go around calling people Aholes. No. That didn't make sense.

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What if they are a b hole. Now I’m just confused.

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b is for baby hole. the hole a baby comes out of.

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Holy shit this is real???

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Yep, someone posted an archive link in this thread to that part.

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Oh noooo

Nono ononono

These are the words I had for this.

The front hole on a man is different than the front HOLES PLURAL THERE ARE TWO on a woman.

Good job guys.

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There is precedent for this.

Pie hole
Pee hole
Baby hole
Ass hole

[–] clamhurt_legbeard 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

which one is the rape hole

oh wait all of them lol

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I call it my REEEE hole.

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Mr Potatohead keeps his entire wardrobe in his back hole

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