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AfD will deport them (I hope). Merkel will likely sit on her hands to avoid being labelled a racist. Fuck labels and fuck what blue pilled, crybaby, virtue signalling normies have to say about Islam and the migrant nightmare. The future matters.

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I'm not so hopeful. AfD might get 20 or 25 percent of the vote in the next few elections. The other parties will virtue signal like they never have before and make coalitions with their sworn enemies just to subdue the will of the people. Because in their programmed mind we're all Nazis. Because in their frame of mind anything is better than giving an inch of power to those Nazis. Don't underestimate these robots, they think they're the 'Good Guys'. It'll have to become much worse, before it gets better.

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When Germans get angry, they get REALLY angry, but as you said, it will have to get close to the point of no return before a giant historical reversal happens. Just my humble, whitepilled opinion.

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They need dozens of police officers to deport just a handful of them. What do you think will happen if they tried to deport thousands or even all of them?

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War for the survival of Germany

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They just have to do it in a smart way. If you lower benefits, it directly saves money. Many refugees will go to other countries, including their country of origin once they're not paid huge amounts of money to stay. Stop persecuting people for self-defense, and discriminating against refugees. Expand rights of self defense, gun ownership, etc and it will be difficult for the rapefugees to turn to crime.

Remove what makes it attractive for them to come. Change law and law enforcement so that its difficult for them to stay. They will deport themselves. On their own budget.

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avoid being labelled a racist

That's not the reason. Merkel and the whole of CDU/CSU is made up of far-left individuals. CDU/CSU used to be conservative parties, with the key word being "used to". They got hijacked somehow.

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Fuck labels and fuck what blue pilled, crybaby, virtue signalling **normies **

One other person saw through your schlomo tricks. Fact is the 'blue pilled normies', are few and far between. U.S. is turning nationalist, as is europe. The 'middle' is red.

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It's amazing how liberalism takes away form people common fucking sense. Yes, if you bring in people who have diferent culture and values your way of life will also change as an effect. Depending on the quality of people you bring in it will be for better or for worse. WHAT IS SO FUCKING HARD ABOUT UDNERSTANDING THIS?!

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Especially when the people you bring in have a lot of negative traits (brutal religion, low intelligence, accepted certainly of child marriage etc)

There is no chance of integration

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This is why I keep telling everyone I meet to STOP watching/reading any mass media outlet.

Read history, get your news locally from people you trust, and make up your mind yourself. That is the only way.

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Yep. It's like slowly replacing a car with boat parts and expecting it to still be a car in the end. It has the illusion of being one continuous object, but it's not. The boat parts do not magically transform into car parts. All you did was replace the car with a boat.

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Helping makes sense, it’s our ecclesiastical obligation

Ok, so he deserves to be genocided based on natural selection.

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Wow, racist. Just let in these migrants who are trying to better themselves by shitting in your living room, you bigot Nazi homophobe.

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*former Mayor, I'm sure.

Since Merkel opened Germany’s borders in 2015, the country accepted around 1.5 million migrants, from mostly the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Instead of what was told, a lot of them don’t work, are poorly educated and are not refugees. The migrant crisis is a slowly unfolding disaster for Germany.

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Don't discount the people coming there from elsewhere. We had a significant migrant wave to Norway in 2015, many of whom fucked off to Germany once they found out that it gets cold here in winter and the gibs weren't as forthcoming as they had been told. The same was true of Sweden and Finland as well.

Also, even the ones Germany "deports" tend to stick around and get swallowed up by the criminal underworld because they're not actually physically kicked out.

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Lol. Praying for record cold winter to chase-out the pests, like we do invasive species of insects and rodents.

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And breed like rats.

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For years whites were warned of overpopulation and discouraged from having children. Then we were told of declining population and need for new consumers to pay into over generous social welfare programs.

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Thanks ((( Multiculturalists ))) !!!

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'Walking around, sitting everywhere in the city'

someone should get that man a new keyboard, obviously the h key doesn't work right...

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How dare them sit everywhere

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Diversity does that

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The Mayor is still, in office... still alive? Pack ANOTHER 1200 "refugees" in that town, the folk haven't learned their lesson yet!

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Uhhh...a nigger in Germany is the same nigger that was in Africa. Look at where the nigger came from and your place will be looking like that soon.

Germans are stupid.

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Germans are stupid, because they vote for the wrong people to '!ead' them.

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