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In January 2015, [her birth grandmother Sian O'Brien] started proceedings in the family court to become the legal guardian for Shayla ... [but] social services and the family court decided I would not be able to cope.

WTF!?!?! The Court refused to let the baby live with her grandparents and decided some random gay couple was the better choice? And grandma accepted this? This is WTF on so many levels. If this were my granddaughter you'd have to come looking for me in a non-extradition treaty county before I allowed her to be "fostered out" to anyone.

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Its pedophobic to deny gays the right to take sex slaves from their grandmother, you fucking straight white male!!!

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I doubt the grandmother had the funds to fight that battle because clearly faggots are better parents then the grandmother..... oh yeah thats right THE FAGGOTS KILLED THE CHILD god damn I hate this gay earth.

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Probably some libtard in power that made the decision.

This faggot will die in prison.

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It's not real is why, anon. 3.3K shares. 33. Freemason fake faggotry.

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That beautiful baby.

I hate faggots. They use babies as a fashion statement.

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Dear faggots, my culture is not your costume.

Sincerely, Straight people

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How did I never think of or see that fags adopting babies is 'cultural appropriation' before this? We should throw their bullshit term right back at them.

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Remember folks, killing children is only wrong if it's after they're born.

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a fetus is a mere morsel, a child is a full meal

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I used to think Gays should be afforded the same rights as a married couple until I realized, they do not have the same responsibilities. They can't raise children, and should not be caring for children either. Children have a right to both female and male parents, Gay couples cannot procreate, and I don't support Gay people adopting either, children in their formative years cannot think critically and think in terms of "observer bias" and they disproportionately end up with more mental health issues. Adults can decide what they want, choose to be whatever they want, but FFS leave children out of it. I like the Russian attitude, no child indoctrination of any kind (including pride parades) otherwise, to each their will. This has to be the most contrasting change of mind I've had in my life, as I have a gay relative. I wouldn't censor my opinion to that relative either.

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Agree with you on this. We need to wind the clock back a decade or two. This situation would have never occurred then. Back when we had some common sense telling us this is against the natural order and in no way should be woven into the fabric of society. Big woop you're gay and you want a kid - overcome your so-called aversion, find a woman with child-bearing hips and go for it. You might learn the way it's been tried and tested for thousands of years could just perhaps be the best way.

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Yep I think that's the fairest stance.

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but there was 'no concern' about his parenting.

Wouldn't want to be called homophonic and a bigot now would you.

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I hope the UK inmates treat homos and baby killers the same as US inmates do. That's the only comforting thought I have on this whole mess.

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Maybe if they are locked up with the muds they will stay safe as muds like to fuck children, have no problem with killing (especially when its kuffar whores) and mostly are closet fags.

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This is what you get when articulated(!) degeneracy is considered a big plus. It's astonishing that no professionals have been prosecuted in this case.

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Let's be honest: it's not even surprising. They were supposed to give the kid to the degenerates or invaders. They're not gonna be punished for being tolerant and promoting diversity.

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sodomy is either the cause of, or result of mental illness, no exceptions.

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Yep and this child was merely a fashion accessory.

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He'll be getting plenty of that in the clink - with sharp objects.

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Scully-Hicks, who was married to husband Craig

Fucking degenerates.

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If you can't bear his child, he's not your husband.

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