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Anyone want to start taking bets for how long it takes until South Africa starts begging for more foreign gibs because they killed all their farmers and destroyed the farmland?

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2 years. They will ramp up the thefts over the course of a year or so. At the end of the next farming season is when the domestic production drops to near zero and the imports remain the same leading to shortages. At that point they will blame drought, or pests, or whatever and ask for aid.

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No, they'll blame white people

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At that point they will blame drought, or pests

No, they will claim the white farmers "sabotaged" the soil, round them up, and execute them. This already all happened decades ago.

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I know a whole we are the world shit show and aid is coming I hope we riot over this shit

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This will basically send an official open season signal for the white population

Blacks will feel like they can do whatever the fuck they want to whites, because the gov does it, like it's legal, that's it, whites are no longer humans, they are objects

Things might actually get quite out of hand quicker and harder than what commies previously thought

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Things might actually get quite out of hand

Why would it? White people have stopped fighting back and are not going to start again any time soon.

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They've felt that way since 1994, which is when the white genocide started.

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After the next harvest.

As SA has kick ass soil and depending on what you grow one can harvest 5 times a year it may come very fast.

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Anyone know how long before Trump acknowledges the racism his declared as evil while he took cheap, virtue signalling shots at whites? https://voat.co/v/Anson/2661452

Here's Trump's official lefty virtue signal about racism being evil while talking shit about whites https://invidio.us/watch?v=xJZQ8TfXb4Y

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It is a given that the theft (expropriation) of farms are only the beginning. Businesses will be next, as happened in Zimbabwe.

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Already hapenening in the US theough "diversity is our strength" bullshit talking points.

My body is ready, let it begin.

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I've always liked the saying "The veneer of society is very thin." The ideas that make our systems work can be re-idealized in a bad way, within days/weeks.

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I've read the in s.africa only like 10% of the population pays taxes or something crzay like that

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It's probably time for Trevor Noah to go home and criticize a government that truly needs more criticism.

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How can anyone hate him more than I? I believe you though.

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Me too, only more so.

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They need to burn and salt the earth before they leave. Get them started on the path to ruin early.

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No need. Farming is hard work. Revolutionaries are looters not workers - they will not plough and sow the land. The sin of sloth generates its own punishment.

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And as we have seen from "Zimbabwe", the irrigation and farm equipment was stolen and sold for scrap. The land will be untameable without the equipment, and slave labor can only go so far.

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Lack of foresight is absolutely stunning.

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Not really when you understand totalitarian collectivist states. They all eventually fail. This one will likely fail with quite expediency due to the extremely low iq of those at the helm. Then again their goal is to "root out" whitey and "free" themselves from their "colonial oppressors" once and for all. To that respect they may be completely successful in their initial stated goals. I guess they should have been careful what they wished for.

I just hope as many farmers were able to get out as possible.

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Starving niggers coming soon.

"White people, come back!"

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Nice fantasy, but they will get gibs from the US and others while the wall will still not be built.

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Gibs from the US = "white people, come back"

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Let them. You guys know about the history of Southern Rhodesia right? It was exactly the same thing. So we know with certainty what the outcome will be. Southern Rhodesia was the most productive farming region in all of Africa and one of the wealthiest states in Africa. It was also an apartheid state and all the farmers where white people. The black people took over, seized the farmland, distributed it to cronies, and farm productivity instantly went to zero. At that point they accused the remaining white farmers of having "poisoned the soil" to sabotage them, and rounded them up and killed them. The country has been an impoverished crony nightmare ever since. South Africa is following exactly the same game plan and will have exactly the same result.

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you cannot expect blacks to work together to achieve anything else other than tribalism, war, rape and famine.. that is what they do best.

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Blacks can only band together to do two things, rape and basketball

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