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I used to think this is how they would track us. But there is no point in implanting us when we walk around with a camera, a mic, and a GPS device in our pockets all day.

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It's a sad unfortunate reality of the modern day. If you do any type of business you need a cell phone with you during the day.

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No shit.

Dandelions were never an emergency until housewives got their hands on cell phones.

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Then get rid of your shartphone.

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Yeah, with the way biometric technology has progressed, I really wonder why this is necessary. Probably just costs less to make RFID scanners than some kind of fingerprint reader or facial recognition system. I just don't like it because it requires a semi-permanent body modification, for the same reason I wouldn't ever want a tattoo. I don't mind carrying around cards or chips, but I don't want one in me.

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Those can't deploy poison with the push of a button.

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I am reminded of couriers who were handcuffed to the briefcase they were carrying. The idea was that the briefcase would be more difficult to steal if the thieves had to bring along an entire person with it, dead or alive. The practice ended after thieves invested fifteen bucks in a machete.

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So instead the courier would be inclined to surrender the briefcase so they don't lose an arm rather than protect it.

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Briefcase couriers don't carry the key to unlock the cuffs. The person they deliver it to has the key.

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Basically the murder version of that XKCD comic about encryption and a $5 wrench.

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I think the general idea is, the person you paid to protect your property is going to take his job more seriously if the cost of failing is his arm or life.

Think about it. You have a briefcase full of diamonds. You get caught walking down the street by a dude with a gun. What do? You throw the briefcase at the mugger and run for your life. Why? Because I don't care who you are, your life is worth more to you than my briefcase full of diamonds. But, what if you can't give the mugger the briefcase? Well, well, well, now I have you doing your job, which is to protect my property and the cost of not protecting my property is your life, which you value more than my property.

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I am trying to understand why anyone would go along with this. It's almost as insane as buying a house under control of a home owner's association.

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HOAs suck.

A local HOA told the school district that they couldn't have buses enter the neighborhood to pick up special needs kids. A family with an autistic kid is suing them now (as they should). The problem is that homeowners will be on the hook to fund the settlement, unless they sue the HOA themselves. This is all in addition to other oppressive HOA tyranny regarding mundane shit like garbage cans, parking, landscaping, lawn maintenance, etc.

It's made even more interesting by the fact that one of the HOA board members is a State Senator.

I think HOAs only exist as a means for shitty old people to stick their noses in everyone else's business and try to make them as miserable as they are.

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HOAs are basically communism. They abolish basic private property rights

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Nothing but horror stories with HOAs. BTK was president of his HOA for 20 years as he tortured people to death.

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HOAs, although they are terrible, were created to stop niggers from destroying your neighborhood

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LOL try again. That's the one thing guaranteed to destroy a HOA. There are hundreds upon hundreds of cases where organizations like HOAs were counter sued by blacks into oblivion. That's the hill they are guaranteed to die on because there are no less than 40 massive NAACP backed legal firms that specialize in race related suits and they travel at your expense.

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I am trying to understand why anyone would go along with this.

Because it's convenient, and there are plenty of people who will do anything if it's convenient. Plenty more who will do anything if it's "cool".

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Do you own a 'smart' phone? If so, you are no different. At least these things don't track you unless you get near a scanner.

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That doesn't mean we should accept it. You can not carry a phone. It is an ordeal to remove a chip

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Mark of the (((beast)))

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It's insane how this has been written on the wall for decades and they called those warning about it "conspiracy theorists" and laughed, yet this is how it begins right before our very eyes.

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The beast system in action. Look toward China for developments that will soon be implemented here as well, such as their social credit system whereby you won't be allowed to to buy food if you say undesirable things about people or worse, the state. I've watched our freedoms and assumptions of such thereof erode away to nothing in such a short span of time. Normies don't see it because they were never testing the boundaries of those freedoms to begin with. Try joining a sovereign citizens movement in this day and age. If you aren't accused of terrorism and thrown away for good, expect the kikes at the IRS to come after you for everything you hold dear. Cell phones aren't the problem, it's people's inherent trust in a system that never deserved our trust to begin with. They were willing to trade that trust for what they perceived to be convenience. Except nine of these things have made our lives that much more convenient, have they? I mean, I can do 3 or 4 times the work in the same amount of time, but I'm not paid 3 or 4 times the salary. I haven't had even a desire to get on faceberg in 2 years, I never had a twatter. It's sad really, all my old high school friends, whenever I run into one in my old hometown, ask if there's something bad going on. Like they believed I had died. I ask them why in the world that would be their first thought. Their reason? Because no one ever just quits using social media. Well, I did. I fucking hate that people are addicted to sharing their unwitty little personal anecdotes, pop culture references and non-sequitars.

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I wrote a research paper on this in college and that was back in 2006. I remember my professor requesting that I make the connection less explicit and give it a more metaphorical treatment, basically to take away the fact that the author (me) was making any kind of theological claim, and make it more of just a kitschy reference. He enjoyed the actual research on the technology itself, but was terribly annoyed that I was trying to make any kind of moral claims. Literally told me that my original draft sounded too "conspiratorial".

Yes, that's right, it is not prudent to be skeptical about any new burgeoning technology that could impact every human on the globe. Ya know, just talk about how cool it is.

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The beast is the roman catholic church (according to scripture) not the jews.

Sits on 7 hills, changed Gods times and laws, killed christians for 1260 years, etc etc.


Jews can burn in hell, but they are not the biblical "beast"

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jews arent but they are responsible for it

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The bible warns of what will happen, but look at who is responsible for the cause. Something the bible never mentions that I can recall at the moment. (Yes I should be sleeping)

In modern times movies and tv tell us what will happen while books tell us the cure.

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What could go wrong...

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How about no?

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And like credit cards will people have to use foil gloves so hackers don't steal their information and then have access to their credit is my point. Anything that gives a signal can be read and used and if someone walks past a group of the employees can gain tons of their ID's that are implanted. It seems people love technology by don't even consider the shortcoming or insecurity of it. Like if you had your credit card activated by your finger print then anyone with the skill can copy your prints and then make a glove to be able to steal from you. Hell the iphone eye scanner is the most stupid. Someone grabs your phone and runs and when your chasing them they point the point the phone at your face and have access to all your information with no actual password.

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This isn't really a bad idea, so long as it is just part of the security measure.

A properly secure system is going to have 3 authentication methods working together.

  1. "Proving you are physically you", for instance, a fingerprint.
  2. "Proving you have a physical token", for instance, an RFID chip.
  3. "Proving you have knowledge", for instance, a password or pin.

It's trivial for a hacker to gain one of these security authentication methods, but nearly impossible to get all three.

If a hacker manages to get your RFID token, he still can't fully authenticate the system. It's useless without the other tokens. So, RFID is "part of this complete breakfast".

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