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Convenient timing.

After Mahathir comment about anti-Semitic is an invention to prohibit criticizing Jews for doing bad things

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Better roll in there and free the shit out them then. Kikes and slimes need their own planet. Fuck them.

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we can exile them to the sun

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Oh. Interesting.

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Full of muslims...result of fucking like rabbits.

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Sounds ominous.

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Trust nothing about this article- except that there is unaccounted for radioactive material moving.

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So it's gonna take a nuke for Libs to wake up?! Nah, a civil war to anhillate them and the evil they love seems more effective based on history and fundamentally protecting cultures through war death.

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This is not nuke territory. Article says:

an industrial device containing radioactive material

And refers to iridium. At worst, someone could grind up the material and dump it in a water source somewhere where it would be detected and they probably wouldn't even manage to make a statistical impact on cancer rates in the coming decades for that local area. Or they could try to atomize it in an explosion but that would do even less damage to an even smaller area.

Much more likely is that some poor SOB doesn't know what he's handling and will end up with weird liver spots and dying slowly during the next few years.

You can buy more dangerous stuff on ebay.

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It's bound to turn up eventually.

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I wonder what circuitous route that gun took from the Obama Whitehouse agencies to her?

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  1. That photo was likely taken during the Bush presidecny, as the flag in the background is of an Iraqi insurgency that sprung up early in the Iraq War.

  2. Given that's an old, beat up AK, it likely made its way to the middle east by the Soviets back in the 50's and 60's, and has passed through hands for decades since. It could have been supplied by Americans, but it likely was just stolen from an Iraqi armory, or dug up from an old weapons cache in some Imam's backyard.

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We need some real attacks, people are too worried about the new season's clothing line, and about if men should be abut to use women's restrooms. I'm not hoping for it, but we really do need a slap in the face.

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The thieves are probably dying of radiation sickness right now. People love to blow this whole "dirty bomb" thing out of proportion.