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Is this how he is laundering his bribes?

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That's the only way to see it..

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With out a doubt

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Hush money.

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This is the "new" way to pay bribes, it seems- right out in the open. Too much hassle to make a Foundation, anyway.

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Nothing new about it. Go Fund Me has been a method of laundering money for quite a while.

SAR Narrative Spotlight: Rewards-based Crowdfunding Draws Unwanted Attention

SAR narrative mentions of crowdfunding associated with possible illicit financial activity, though small overall, have been increasing since the initial rewards-based crowdfunding SARs were filed in 2012. There were fourteen such filings in 2013, twenty-five such filings in 2014 and thirty-eight through May 2015. The figures through May 2015 represent a 171% increase over all of 2013. Wide accessibility, ease of use, and limited fraud controls can make rewards-based crowdfunding platforms susceptible to financial abuse. SAR analysis indicates that crowdfunding sites have been used as a layering and comingling mechanism in money laundering and fraud schemes, often before participants withdraw funds or move them further through the financial system.


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Good job further disgracing the FBI.

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When the bar hits the floor.....

There is no more limbo

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money laundering

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Hack the site and find out everyone who contributed to GoyFundMe.

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Deep state payday for keeping quiet. He will be on CNN as an analyst soon.

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Currently $438,700

America, God shed his grace on thee.

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Traitors! All of them traitors!

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You spelled treason wrong





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