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When I used to be prescribed Xanax and Klonopin, every fucking time I'd take a plane anywhere those niggers would steal it. I tried everything. I would confront the supposed TSA supervisor on duty, explain how many times this had happened, that I knew the count of each bottle and that I fully expected to receive my bag on the other end with all of my personal fucking property. I swear, that just made them more spiteful. It got so bad that my doctor stopped prescribing me, because I had to have the prescription replaced so often. Must have occurred over a dozen times in 6 months. Fucking niggers can smell Xanax from a hundred yards, I swear.

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Why the hell wouldn't you put it in your carry on after the first couple times?

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To be fair, he was on drugs at the time.

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Plot twist: he's a junkie looking for more pills and "stole" them

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When I used to be prescribed Xanax and Klonopin,

i dont get it, i do not get high when i take my klonopin and i take it for anxiety/panic attacks

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I suffered from PTSD induced agoraphobia for years.

Anytime I had to leave my house...I had to take a xanax,just to not have a major panic attack getting on a bus/train..shit walking from the stops to my appointments. (driving was outta the question) I didn't get high at all...I just didn't have a BP of 160/110 just from being outside.

I stopped all those meds when my state allowed medical marijuana...

Now I have a part-time job and only have to take meds in crisis situations..not just to walk outside.Cannabis can be a medication if you use it correctly

But as far as traveling with meds on cattle-car carriers...not gonna happen..too much fuckin TSA nut-groping hassle.

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people who do too many drugs take them to try and feel normal while they take all those drugs... yep it makes perfect logical sense to a junkie.

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That's who it probably was. They make next to nothing out there, so not the best who are handling your bag lol . . .

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I love Clonazepam and it saved my life after I over-dosed on a very bad night three years ago in a swamp next to a swiftly rising river and police sirens.

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Its security theater, they constantly fail security tests. And the scanners are a joke. I had a cuckservitive tell me he doesnt care if this is true because it still makes him feel safe....

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https://youtu.be/ef73lREap6o this guy shows how easy it has been to defeat the scanners.

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Do you have good links on the scanners? I've tried to do some digging on them, but never could find much of value.

I have no doubt that they are more effective at causing cancer or altering your brain waves than finding anything of value, but can't find hard data to back up my suspicions.

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See the reply i just posted, also http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2017/07/10/minneapolis-airport-tsa-reportedly-failed-95-percent-security-tests.html if you search YT or startpage youll find plenty as well.

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I have no doubt that they are more effective at causing cancer or altering your brain waves

You might want to read up on radiology and how xrays work, because you're completely wrong

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grab him by the balls and ask him if he feels safer

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He needs a big black cock up his ass and a sheboon dominatrix

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Affirmative action jobs = TSA

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OK ... great ... everyone here agrees that the TSA sucks donkey balls and is useless to boot.

What are you doing about it?

Me personally - I don't fly any more. Before the TSA, I flew weekly. Now, I haven't been on a plane in over a decade. That's my protest. I was willing to change jobs to avoid dealing this those dumb monkeys.

I recognize that I'm only one person, but I'm doing what is in my power.

What are you doing? Still flying? Still being a sheep?

So ... you can't avoid flying because you love your job too much? Great - how about filing complaints to the airlines? How about calling congress? How about opting out the scanners so that you muck up the process as much as possible. Other ideas?

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Very good point.

However restricting movement is as much of a point of these programs as anything.

Agenda 21 / Sustainable housing initiative.

The kike bastards want us all trapped in cities with no way to leave and completely at their mercy.

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Yeah, that's another thing ... you couldn't pay me (potential employers have tried) to live in a large city.

That and ... I've got a RV and I can be anywhere (in North America) I want to be at any time. (Assuming there is fuel flowing ... but that's a deeper discussion.)

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Used to fly a lot in the military. I don't fly now that I'm out. I remember when the TSA first started up and they actually tried to check an entire group of military dudes on a chartered flight. It was surreal to have these fat retards checking us for shit like nail clippers while we were carrying M-16s and the like.

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Yeah, I stopped flying because I don't like being felt up by strangers. It was really that simple a decision for me. They get to see me naked and feel my junk? Then no. Cars, trains, buses, boats.

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TSA is conditioning millions of Americans to take orders from people who couldn't land a job at Subway making sandwiches.

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TSA = terrorists

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I'll put my life on the line that 90+% of those thefts were by nigger TSA agents.

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Well 90% of the TSA stuff are niggers and spics.

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Oh, it was just a (((diversity))) hire program.

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Not surprised considering how much they do everything possible to keep your eyes away from your stuff distracting you. I don't like that at all. Had a lot of money coming from Vegas and was nervous as hell about going through the TSA line coming back.

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You should use some of that money to buy a firearm and learn how to protect yourself and your family since you proudly tell everyone that you’re unarmed all the time.

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