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It seems more likely they didnt want to show a catalog of a ton of 1-2 star rated content all over. Especially with their recent racially motivated programming.

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Now they can claim that the newest series "Death To Whitey" is the all-time most watched series. Coming in close second is "King Negro".

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I haven't been on there in ages so unfortunately I don't even know if you're trying to gag me or are serious. Those both seem like viable Netflix programming. Have you seen "Oi Vey: The Great Shoah"?

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ding, you get it.... exactly how rotten tomatoes have given that shitty marvel movie 100%

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Given that they deleted so many one star reviews, people learned not to bother giving ratings and probably did stop using the feature.

Netflix leaves out the part where the decline is specifically caused by Netflix's discriminatory policies.

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Just like EO/EEO and forced diversity mandates had the unintended but completely predictable consequence of destroying the only base that had money(whites and asians). Well now that white people are saying fuck it to college, all of a sudden it's a problem, because everything is turning into complete shit, the requirements are being relaxed, grading and the curving system is passing more people, but more importantly, colleges are having a hard time moving away from the speculative loan market to an actual equity market. If everyone takes out loans to go to college, it's only a matter of time before all the debt and negative assets come back and destroy you. Furthermore, this means that all the new facilities are being paid by debt, and not tangible items. So we have debt being used to pay for debt so we can use debt to pay for new stuff. And once that bubble explodes, it's going to take a large chunk of the academic economy with it

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Looks like it's time for those of us who still have Netflix for whatever reason to start leaving reviews again. Can't let those dirty kikes win.

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Title misleads. Not only did they delete the reviews, they no longer allow people to review movies. Can you imagine? Fucking ridiculous.

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'member when a certain tub of lard rolled on stage drapped in unflattering black leather to talk about her vagina? When that bombed, Netflix ditched its five-star system so the degeneracy won't be downvoted into irrelevence.

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I thought it was when that fat “comedian” with the super puffy face did a “stand up comedy special”.

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You mean the fat degenerate jewess who looks like a potato?

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I don't remember any lard being draped in leather. I remember it being stuffed into it.

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Trolls would purposefully “review bomb” a show title with hopes of bringing its ratings down. Most notably, Amy Schumer’s Netflix comedy stand-up, “Amy Schumer: The Leather Special,” was given a one-star rating last year after being spammed with negative reviews.

from the article

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Trolls would purposefully “review bomb” a show title

AKA, getting bad reviews for being a shit show. lol

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Create an app. Call it "Rateflix". Make bux.

All they did is open a market niche up to a competitor.

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Actually a great idea!

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I think there are sites with extra listings, at least to account for their shrinking catalog and unreliable searching and lack of alerts. It's possible they already have ratings, or at least hook into IMDb.

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It's almost as if the general public isn't into pedophilia and white guilt and injecting black people and Islam into everything

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90% of the movies on Netflix are garbage, and most of their own produced content is shit. What can you expect from a company run by a variety of degenerate SJWs, homosexuals and pedophiles. I hear their revenues are down to the point where they are now running commercials during movies and tv shows.

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Presently they are showing ads for Netflix original content between episodes of shows but I'm sure if we give it a couple years it'll get worse.

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Humm, comes right after another link in the posting: https://archive.fo/SBjLX

Parent group calls for Netflix to pull 'Desire,' calling it 'child porn'

The film depicts a 9-year-old girl masturbating and accidentally experiencing an orgasm while watching a John Ford cowboy film with another young girl, according to Deadline and IndieWire. The movie scene shows the girl bouncing up and down in slow motion on a pillow as if on a horse and close-ups of the girl's face.

what.. the... fuck...

"...The girls never understood what they were doing, they were just copying what they were seeing on the screen."

That's the point you sick fuck.

I hope parents everywhere cancel this shit.

E: Spelling.

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This right here. Nobody was actually using the feature, that's why they killed it. Not because of some nefarious agenda.

But oh, this is voat so we gotta act like everything is a big conspiracy.

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Nobody was using the feature, sure. But they weren't issuing it because Netflix hid that shit and made it hard to find and use on anything but the website, and no one watches Netflix in their browser anymore it's all smart tv apps and Xboxes. Devices that are generally hard to type on.

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It's declining because you have to jump through hoops to write a review.

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Completely as planned. Bury the feature, make it impossible to find or use, then kill it off.

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