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Bad PR for walmart, not gonna shop there ever again.

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Don't give nytimes any clicks please op

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not the best grab


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While I agree on the history of the NYT being a Left-Leaning Liberal Publication, this report about Walmart is a rare exception where I am in complete agreement with them concerning the outright illegalities and unconstitutional activity in which WalMart is obviously engaging in. I do not condone shoplifting, but they are obviously using people's non-familiarity and honest errors with operating the self-checkout terminals as a predatory revenue generating stream. No different than a classic 'Rent to Own' scam or a 'Payday Loan'. This should clear up any misunderstandings.

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Wel that’s the trade off. corporations bribe, and buy the government to change break or pass laws to FUCK us over. We steal a candy bar.

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How the fuck does a corporation have any right to send police to innocent peoples doors.

This can't be ok and it definitely shouldn't legal.

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In California where criminals can steal up to $949.99 of stuff and only get a warning from the cops I can see this getting bigger. Retailers and grocery stores are already implementing facial recognition. So if you're tagged as a thief they're going to start locking you out of the store.

Ominous implications if they start down the path of China's "social credit" system. Post something double-plus-ungood online that can be traced back to you IRL and you may not be allowed to buy groceries in this brave new world.

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This is known as the Beast system. Cue the denial of Christ and accusations of Christcuckery.

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Nailed it on the button IMHO. This is obviously Walmart's answer to China's "Social Credit" system. An excellent observation. Oh an to be clear, I have no love for shoplifters, but they should be dealt with thru the Legal system, not a Retailer's private Loss Prevention unit.

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https://archive.fo/0UCRG :

They’re Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, but Retailers Demand Penalties - The New York Times

'Four days after she returned home, the letters from Walmart’s lawyer started to arrive. '

'Shoplifting is an intractable problem for retailers, costing stores more than $17 billion a year, according to an industry estimate. '

'MOBILE, Ala. — Crystal Thompson was at home watching the Rose Bowl parade when a county sheriff came to arrest her for shoplifting from the local Walmart. '

'She received three letters over two months in early 2016. '

'An agoraphobic, she had not shopped at a Walmart in more than a year. '

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Thanks. I did not know if the report was archived or not already.

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Fuck that. Mail order works just fine.

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Fuak em .. Start stealing with arms and legs, man.. Get em!

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