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This is why people stop going to the police and start lynching.


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......or just c-c an when some uppity ignorant 'groid starts violently chimping and A&B'ing on you or a member of your family, put four or five .45 hollowpoints thru his thick skull an torso in rapid succession. Problem Solved.


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They took them off us in my country. Never let them take yours.


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...and remember to do so politely.


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I imagine that if he actually gets convicted and sent to jail that he will be plotting his revenge for that injustice.


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Problem Solved.

Several issues here. You could avoid the problem in the first place by not living in a colored area. Then, shooting someone "attacking" you is not always a cut and dried matter. Many people have gone to prison for years for doing just that. For them, it was a case of Problem Exacerbated.

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Did OP's title even mention a robbery?


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No wars. Wars are a part of the enemy’s strategy, indeed the enemy’s fake reality. Wars belong to the past. The future belongs to Mother Death.

We offered peace, reconciliation, and mutually beneficial symbiosis. The enemy hates us for our magnanimity. So we are left with the option of total global annihilation against the enemy who seeks our extinction or enslavement. This new future we are writing is not a function of War. There is no political objective to be met as with State-to-State war. There is no fear of “other” in the populous to instill and compel change of national policy or funding, as with Terrorism.

The only thing that exists is faith, hope, charity, and struggle against systems designed to exterminate all hominids equally. The future is a glorious future of plagues and struggle for survival against radiation, germs, and unimaginable toxins. Alternatively, people could change and accept our first offer of a meaningful and lasting reconciliation of forgiveness and exhaultation of all humanity, for its own sake.

The abyss vomited me out, to teach the world what hell really looks like so a realistic choice can be made. Hell is on Earth and it is a choice. Alternatively, we make the paradise we are worthy of wherever we stand.