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This happened back in 2004. I did not know because the article only has august 15th as the date. https://caselaw.findlaw.com/id-court-of-appeals/1417413.html

It seems he was ultimately acquitted of everything.

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You are the hero we need, not what we deserve.

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Well gratitude is pretty much enough. we don't screech like sjws when someone brings facts.

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This is a good case to use as precedent for other cases similar to this

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But did the nigger ever get any punishment?

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Was your original voat account banned or something? Just curious.

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This is why people stop going to the police and start lynching.

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......or just c-c an when some uppity ignorant 'groid starts violently chimping and A&B'ing on you or a member of your family, put four or five .45 hollowpoints thru his thick skull an torso in rapid succession. Problem Solved.

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They took them off us in my country. Never let them take yours.

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...and remember to do so politely.

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I imagine that if he actually gets convicted and sent to jail that he will be plotting his revenge for that injustice.

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Problem Solved.

Several issues here. You could avoid the problem in the first place by not living in a colored area. Then, shooting someone "attacking" you is not always a cut and dried matter. Many people have gone to prison for years for doing just that. For them, it was a case of Problem Exacerbated.

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Didn't supreme court confirmed that "hate speech" is free speech, thus it can't be a crime ?

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Yes. The whole hate crime thing is to impart motive. That the attack is based primarily on race. It's 100% clear it was not in this case. It was a violent uppity nigger being put in his place because he was being a violent uppity nigger. Not just because he was a nigger.

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This is correct. Any jury, that can read, will see that the statute doesn't apply. The prosecutor wants to plead this case. It's bullshit and it's dishonest.

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Right, usually saying the n-word is claimed to impart motive during a fight. This was just saying the n-word, not even to the n-man, as another voater points out here, and no further confrontation ensued.

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You know little of your free speech rights.

Have about 400 hours of reading to catch up.

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As it says in the article

It doesnt matter what the constitution says.

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Segregation time, let them keep their beloved word among themselves. This diversity experiment was a failure.

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All according to the kikes plan

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Are you saying that the plan is to make people hate diversity?

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does this mean the left is going to arrest every Rap 'artist' and Tarantino movie maker https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=ygXD7nY9AOQ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgywS0r6Z_s 'surgeon cuffs'?

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Racial slur anger or hate crime?

Neither you fucking nigger. Freedom of speech mother fucker.

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Fuck niggers, they are pure shit. I bet you anything this fucking piece of shit nigger went home and said "uh nigga nigga that whyte boi was a bitch nigga, ayo wassup Tony mah nigga! whats good mah nigga shieet nigga yah nigga we just chillin nigga"

Fucking retarded niggers hate getting called what they are.

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"Assuming the facts are right, the fact that he used the word may just mean that was just the word that** came to mind when he wanted to insult this person**," Volokh said. "In that case, the jury would have to acquit. That just would not be covered by the statute."

Sounds reasonable.

"You have to sympathize with the victim here, the ref, even if he erred in some way in dealing with this woman. Then he hears this guy threatening him and he may feel he really meant it," Volokh said. "When somebody is threatening to beat you up, it doesn't matter whether it's because of race or whatever."

What the fuck? "...the victim here, the ref..". "he erred in some way in dealing with this woman" ...as in actual physical fucking assault... Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. That ref had mean words said to him, "oh mah victimhood!"

Steele, the Raes' attorney, said he has filed a civil lawsuit against the referee, which won't go to trial before next year. In the meantime, he is focused on clearing Lonny Rae.

"What Lonny Rae said that cold night last October wasn't right, but it wasn't criminal," he said.

"Here's a guy in an enflamed state saying these things, and was the intent to commit a racial slur or get at this guy personally, any way he could?" Steele asked. "People are so sensitive to the black eyes they've been getting one after another, and here they're going to get another one, because this is a case I'm going to win."

I hope he does.

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Rae will win, and if he doesn't win this one, I hope it goes all the way to scotus. No way they would let that stand.

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